God created Adam and gave him a grant of ultimate power and authority as steward of life, even to the giving of his own life. In disobeying God’s command to not eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, Adam brought sin and death into the world. The “Sin of Adam” was atoned for by the Second Adam, Jesus Christ, High Priest of the Order of Melchizedek.

God gave a second grant of ultimate power and authority in cursing Lucifer and his seed with the Woman, and his seed with her Seed, Christ Jesus. In this Genesis 3:15 mandate “Seed” is a collective term that nicely evokes the Body of Christ. Christ therefore acted under both the patristic power and authority of Adam in laying down His life; and the matristic power and authority as Seed of the Woman in conquering Satan through her life-giving office.

Adam tried to blame the Woman but the power and authority to wreak the corporate evil of sin and death on all people resided in him alone. Woman has her own grant of power and authority to wield. Blessed Mary is described as “blessed among women” as contradistinct from the prophet Samuel’s mother, called “blessed above women.” All women are exalted in the Blessed Virgin as foes of Lucifer, the Father of Lies and Murder.

Those eras when popular culture has blamed Eve for the Sin of Adam have tended to disenfranchise and do violence against women. The disdain for the office of Woman, the Genesis title Christ always used of His mother, would only erupt with the legal fiction of recasting the Sin of Adam as the “Sin of Adam and Eve.”

All men are still stewards of life, protectors of women and children who defy Satan in upholding truth and life. That man called to the priesthood does not attain to an elite honor like the European or AmChurch model, but emulates the Suffering Servant’s shouldering of horrific sin-guilt as the Alter Christus. Woman must take her place, not on the altar like some child-sacrificing ghoul, but in the tent of war doing battle against pornography and abortion, and all the deadly lies of Satan.

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