Priesthood eligibility?

My college-age son is seriously considering the priesthood or monastic life. However, he fathered a child as a young teen in high school. The baby’s mother raises him and he and she are not together, although he has been involved in his child’s life. Can you tell me if he is still eligible for ordination?

Hmm that’s tricky. My guess is that if he has given up all custody, than yes, he is eligible. Call the Diocese and ask to speak with the Vocations Director and ask. He’ll be able to telll you the answer right away,

God bless!

I don’t know if there is any difference, but maybe a secular/lay order might be a back-up plan? (Plenty of saints have come from such orders.) For example the Oblates. Then again, they might have the same eligibility rules…when you talk to your Diocese, ask about that too.
In any case, I don’t know enough about it, but I wish you good luck!

It doesn’t “automatically” exclude him from ordination, but obviously it does make the situation rather complicated. If he feels a vocation to the priesthood, by all means he should speak to the vocations director, his own pastor, the bishop, or anyone/everyone else involved in welcoming new vocations. Since the child is still a minor, this can be very complicated.

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