priesthood for women?


I invite all Christians to participate on this.



The answer to the question as posted is only a personal opinion. Yes or no either way it is only an opinion.

The answer to the real question “Can a woman become a priest?” Is the reality and the answer is NO, it is not possible.


The Church says that she can’t ordain women because Jesus didn’t.

So how come they can receive the Eucharist? Jesus only gave that to men.


If this is a question, it has already been definitively answered by the Church in the negative. If it is an attempt to reopen the subject, it won’t work.


1 Timothy 2:12-13:

I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve;

The context is the gathering to pray and worship, in other words the Mass. St. Paul gives this as a universal command regarding leadership in the Church. He appeals to the very created order by referencing Adam and Eve. It is commanded by the Apostles themselves.

You may consider this question to guve you some perspective: Why can’t a man be a mother since men and women can both receive the Eucharist? The answer then becomes a little more clear I hope. Men and women were created equal but different with gifts and abilities unique to their gender. Example men will never know the honor of brining new life into the world. What an honor women have to be God’s very vessel of each new person He creates.

Likewise woman are not meant to be the head of man in the home or in the church. Our roles are unique. Equally important but different still the same.



I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve;

So mothers don’t have authority over their male children?

Home schooling mothers are in some way sinful?

Does this mean that parishes shouldn’t have female DRE’s or RCIA instructors?

I don’t think that dog hunts.


I am sure that this has been covered a million times

If being a priest was merely a ministry then absolutely women should be allowed. However priesthood is a sacrament and therefore we cannot alter it from the way Jesus instituted it.
The Church teaches that in a sacrament the object used actually confers the grace. Example if instead of a wafer we used chocolate for the eucharist would it still be the eucharist???maybe yes, maybe no we have no guarantee that the chocolate has become the BBD of Christ. However Jesus used unleavened bread so we know that that definetly works, its the same with priesthood.

If this thread is still being read when I get back home I will post the title of a book that covers this in high detail.


I gave you the context (in Church), and the last time I looked at my 3 year old son he was not a man. You are now talking about something entirely different and it is a silly argument. My wife is a homeschooling mother. But I don’t want to see her in a pulpit giving a homily or consecrating the element of Holy Communion, though she is arguably more biblically literate than 90% of the priests in our home diocese. St. Paul’s says man, not boy.

Does this mean that parishes shouldn’t have female DRE’s or RCIA instructors?

In my opinion? It is less than ideal, but a different issue. These are roles better suited to men, unfortunatley faithful women have to fill the vacuum in and era of weak Catholic men. The home is the mirror of the Church. It is innapropiate for a woman to be the spiritual instructor of an adult male. But you can start another thread on this if you want. First you need to explain the verse you are dismissing.

Can you explain that verse to us please, if I got it wrong?



Paul lived in a patriarchal society that didn’t value women as much as it should have?


Please explain “quiet” as in the context of Paul’s words.

Paul was a human, was he not? A man.



It shows the sad state of catechesis in the Catholic Church when there are those that actually voted yes…it sad that there are those that want to change a Sacrament instituted by Christ and actually believe it is possible for women to become priest.


Go back and read my first post please. I already answered this objection. Paul, writing under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit made a universal statement about how a woman should behave in church. He appealed to the created order by referencing Adam and Eve, thus putting to rest any patriarchal society argument against his teaching.


Quiet as in if you have any questions, don’t interrupt the speaker, who is a to be male, ask you husband when the mass is over. Apparently, in that genitle culture where Timothy was ministering it was the custom of some of the women to interrupt the service and offer their opinion or to ask questions.

Paul was a human, was he not? A man

Yes, a man who was an Apostle, writing Holy Scripture, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to a instruct a young Bishop on what is proper in the church. As an Apostle he had all the authority given to the Church. So in that sense he was not just any man, he was God’s man who wrote the majority of the New Testaments didactic teaching.



Yes Br. Rich, I should’ve changed to the “Can a woman…”.


I need to know if you are joking or not?:eek:


Your Friendly Neighborhood Methodist voted that, no, women should not be priests.
I would entreat your prayers for those of us in denominations that have allowed political correctness to over-ride the plain teaching of Scripture…

I only wish I had the perfectly wonderful article on this subject, that I received just a couple weeks back, from Frederica Mathews Green. Her husband is an Eastern Orthodox priest, & she explained very well why women can teach classes on doctrine, can speak publicly, but cannot be priests.
It was (IMHO) the best I have ever seen on this subject…and coming from a woman who had, at one point, intended to seel ordination in the Episcopal Church, I found it especially meaningful…


Actually while this might be true to some extent…I think it is more appropos to say

We live in a egalitarian society that doesn’t value the priesthood as much as it should.


A great writer and speaker writing on what is proper in the church to a young bishop of his time and culture. Still a man, divinely gifted.


Truth ! :clapping:

Also let’s not forget that that ‘patriarchal society’ was formed by God Himself (Israel/Judaism). The Greeks and Romans had plenty of priestesses.

Christ chose to maintain the Tradition begun by God in the Sinai desert–> male priests. If He wanted women to be priests He simply would have named them among the Apostles. He did not. Neither did they (but they did give women all the other sacraments).

This is simply an ordinary supernatural fact. Just like men cannot give birth is an ordinary natural fact.
Why? Because God wants it that way. Who knows why.


For what purpose is this poll?

The Church does change based upon opinion polls. The Church has said that women cannot be ordained to the priesthood. So I wonder why the poll, as there are many threads that discuss the ‘womans ordination’ issue [the pros & cons, the wants & desires and the why nots]?

Is there a purpose like humor [sadistic, bad taste, other], statistics [how many catholics on the forum are for it - against it - did not vote?] Perhaps you just want to get a certain segment fired up…This poll will be forward to the Vatican…or your local ordinary [bishop] for your heresy trial…

Just a question :slight_smile: I wonder sometimes what prompts the threads and especially the polls…

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