Priesthood requirements


What are the requirements to apply to a seminary? Besides finishing high school and at least average intelligence? :confused:


All I needed was my highschool transcript. They also did a little interview with me just to make sure I'm all there. Not much is required but the desire to learn and grow in the faith.

I was also required to read but that was only for the place that I was applying. Who knows maybe you will have to as well. Either way its a great read.


Depends on if you mean a College Seminary or a Major Seminary.

A College Seminary would have requirements equivalent to any college. This is where you attend to complete the requirements for entry into a Major Seminary.

Those being a Bachelors degree, a second language, 30 credit hours of philosophy, and 12 credit hours of theology.

This would be for the United States and most, if not all, dioceses.

Religious institutions may have different requirements. Some of them run their own unaccredited theologates.


While attending seminary does not necessarily mean one has a vocation to the priesthood, seminaries aren’t open to just anyone applying. You should speak to the vocations director in your diocese to see what the requirements are for the seminary(ies) to which your bishop sends his men.


Are you referring to a college seminary which grants a BA in philosophy, for instance? Or are you speaking of the one that grants the Master’s of Divinity? For the former, being and active catholic and a HS graduate might be enough in some cases, but not all. For the latter you have already gotten good answers as well as for the former anyway.:thumbsup:


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