Priesthood vocation help please


So by posting this, im hopeing God will put me in contact with someone who is willing to help me. He has 3 times already by someone over the internet (kind of). I have a rather lenghty testimony, 5 pages, on micosoft office, of all the signs that God has blessed me with ever since a littlebit before Christmas. And im stuggling, like a ping-pong-ball goign back and forth. I really want to get married one day…but at the same time i feel called to the preisthood…Ive thought about a deacon, as a compramise because you get a little bit of MOSTLY everything…but a deacon just doesnt seem that atractive to me as the preisthood. im 20 years old. and in order to be a perminate deacon you have to be at least 30, and married about 10 years. they honestly prefer people who are retired and elderly that are in great heath…and yea, it just dosent seem so wonderus to me. So im wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I want a spiritual director,but its hard to find one…I would liek to share my story with all fo you…maybe my story will touch your hearts too and be inspireing to you? I dont know. But i want to talk to someone. Ive already spoken to the Vocation Director of the archdiosase of Detroit…but i felt slightly discourged after that…and today a deacon walks up to me who was ordaind this past weekend, whome ive never met before, said to me the first words out of his mouth was…have you ever considered aplying to be a seminarian?? so anybody want to hear my story???


Do you have a spiritual director?

If not, get one.

I would not trust much over an anonymous forum for discernment in these matters.


I would also advise talking to your Vocations Director to see if he can set you up to meet with good spiritual directors in your area. I'm alst discerning the priesthood and I'm only a little older than you are. I would like to hear your story and if you don't mind listening to mine as well. I'm praying for you

God bless



I can send you mystory. just it will have to be in an attachment through an email because it is so long. I would not mind hearing yours…


The Our Lady of Good Councel men’s fellowship Mass is at 7:00 pm tonight. I would be happy to talk to you after that (I can skip the post-Mass meeting).

my web site:


your from my church???? who are you!?!?!?


I sent you a private message...


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