Priesthood Vocations Crisis, Archdiocese of Boston, MA



The scandals in other areas were far worse. The media in Boston is over cynical and fed on the story but the locals are conditioned to this. The faith weakened decades before the scandals broke. As it has in many places in the world. It is what Jesus warned to the Church in Laodicea in Revelation 3.


What is leaven?


If parents pay more attention to the influences that affect their kids, hedonism would not be a problem!


Yeast. Ever hear of unleavened bread? That’s flat bread baked without yeast.

Be yeast in your Archdiocese.


Maybe you could ask your parish priest if you could start a Legion of Mary for youths!


I live in the Archdiocese of Boston and pray for vocations all the time!
We do not want just numbers but also good, holy, and persevering vocations.


I contacted my teacher at the parish, will see if we can make some magic together. I want to put help those who don’t have the courage to speak out about their vocation . My vocation sparked after I spoke to my priest about it, maybe others will experience the same.


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