Priesthood vs. genuine interest in catholic theology


Right now I am discerning between a call to the priesthood and a genuine interest in Catholic Theology. I find myself prefering a traditional mass, praying and thinking about Christ and Our Lady, going to confession, watching EWTN, reading pious books....yet I also find myself thinking about women a lot during the day, marriage, and even immoral thoughts. If I discerned a call to the priesthood, I know the vow of chastity would be the hardest. Some days I seriously contemplate the priesthood, but then end up meeting a girl and getting her phone number. This is terrible, but I even catch myself staring at single women my own age in mass. Alot of this sexual desire has been fueled from a life of sin. The reason I ask all this is because I want to be sure that if I took my vows, I would not abandon them as I feel that would be a disgrace. Is my situation common?


Common enough that there's a long process involved in becoming a priest, with plenty of steps along the way to "drop out" if you determine it's not your vocation. Not so with marriage!


The only way to determine if you have a calling from God to be a priest is to test it. If you don't already have one perhaps you should consider finding a spiritual adviser. This can be a priest you are already friends with perhaps one that belongs to an order you are attracted to or perhaps in the vocations office at the diocese you live in. They can help you develop and deepen your spiritual life or recommend other things you can do to overcome the sinful tendencies that bother you. They can also be a person to listen to your thoughts and feelings.

But, first and foremost you need to get involved with others seriously discerning their vocations. They should be also able to help you to discern your call. Above all keep praying.



If you are called to the priesthood, I am sure God will give you the gift of celibacy. Your confessor and spiritual adviser may have recommendations to help you acquire it.


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