Priesthood without an order


If somebody has a call to the priesthood but has no call to join a specific order but just answer a call to the priesthood could they do it. Is there a group that helps with that part of the process. Thanks


MOST priests are not in a “specific order” but are diocesan priests. Priests that are in a specific order are known as “religious” priests, whereas diocesan priests are known as “secular priests” There are roughly twice as many diocesan priests as there are religious priests.

Contact your local director of vocations.


The group is your local diocese. Most priests are not religious, and conversely, most religious are not priests. The pastor and curates of your local parish are likely not religious but secular priests.


Specifically, inquire with your diocesan or archdiocesan vocational director.



Just to clarify a little on the other replies, a priest is always attached to an ordinary (usually a bishop, but sometimes a major superior of a community), this is technically called incardination. A priest is never non-incardinated, therefore there are no “freelance” priests.

You can read about this more here. :thumbsup:


For a second I thought you said incarserated :D.


Go to the website of your diocese. There should be a link there for vocations. When you reach the page, look around and find the contact information of someone called the “vocational director.” This person is the the one who checks on those who feel they are called to any vocation, and he knows a lot more than you want to know. This priest is a diocesan priest, so he works as the priest you are describing–one without an order. He can really help you out.


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