Priestly vocation refused


I don’t think you have respect for the fact that clergy are Professionals as well, with legal and ethical bounds. I’m sure that there have been cases in the past where discretion limits have been violated, but that’s true in the medicine and psychology professions too.

If you really don’t trust the interviewers with your information for any reason, then you really aren’t ready to go “all in” on the vocation, so being rejected should be a blessing for both you and the seminary.


I am sure the interviewer has done these types of interviews a LOT. They don’t just let a newbie jump in and do them. There is a purpose and a reason for each and every questioned asked. I am also sure that the person doing them has certain criteria that they are looking for and seeking in the applicant that would best suit the seminary and the priesthood.

OK for example FATHER Donald Calloway (many versions of his story but the best is the DVD “Extreme Mercy II”) he did practically every possible sin in his life before his conversion, he says except he did NOT get into satanic worship. When he had his conversion and got the call from God to apply for the priesthood he did send out letters to different places and MANY said with his background they just couldn’t see that he was a good candidate for them. He didn’t even have a high school diploma and he was applying for the seminary. When he applied to the Marians of the Immaculate Conception they had doubts but they gave him a try and HELLO he is with the order that promotes the Divine Mercy and if he isn’t the poster child for Divine Mercy I don’t know who is.

God’s ways are not our ways. He sees “the entire book while we may only see a sentence or a paragraph of the book”.

If your vocation to the priesthood is MEANT to be it will be. DO NOT give up hope, do NOT stop praying but also do not limit yourself to just one order or one place of possibility. God has MANY ways and MANY places to serve Him as a priest. CHECK out as many of these places as you can. Talk to an experienced spiritual and vocation director. But MOST OF ALL PRAY about it. God will speak to your heart if He wants you as one of His priests. He will give you a clear sign. Also give it time. God works on His own time schedule. Praying for you.


why would you want to go down a career path where those that are supposed to help you find out if you are suited for it decide that you are not worth the investment of time and money, and tell you to go away.

There are plenty of sweet stories of candidates that failed seminary over n over and eventually became a priest and then a saint, but those are few and far in between and of a different period in history.

I’ve personally seen and heard of an overweight seminarian removed from a seminary because he was considered a health risk and couldnt lose the required weight, but for some reason was allowed to enter to begin with, it wasn’t like he became overweight in one semester. so.

Anyhow for those considering the seminary reading what athanasius has said, should clue one in that, telling everyone your entire life story isn’t necessarily the best thing to do.

I mean things to admit to, being married, having children, being addicted to drugs, having a warrant out for your arrest. An dioceses really prefer someone having been an active christian more than 2 years, who you dated and for how long is no ones business


how on earth did that priest see the seeds of vocation in you simply by serving at mass? piety is totally different from vocation. to determine whether there is a vocation or not, there must be discernment; and discernment is not a day’s works: it is a gradual journey of uncertainty, which can be made certain ONLY by the power of the Holy Spirit.

as to being sent away because of a long relationship with a lady, i absolutely DO NOT agree with that. it does not have any place at all in the criteria for discernment. i am a religious (Vocationist) now for almost a decade, and i feel happy and fulfilled each day with my vocation: if my congregation had applied such a weird criterion of “past life history before joining” on me, i would never had been admitted: unless of course there are other specific details that are not in your O.P. (and seriously, i do not expect anyone to be capable of including every detail in a post; and sometimes it is hard to tell which minor detail can be the most important and key to the message).

from my experience as a vocationist, i am convinced you need proper discernment. not every priest is gifted in it, but i hope God leads you to the right one, or leads the right one to you.

God bless you.


Having minor children would seem to be an absolute impediment for a responsible religious order- particularly one whose members take vows of poverty- for a man to be accepted.

Its one thing for a man to take a vow of poverty for himself, but to choose poverty for his children as well, by being unable to pay child support, that would be sort of unconscionable.


no kidding.:hamburger:


That’s actually not the case. I know a man who is in a religious order who had a child before he became a priest. He wasn’t married and the mother raised the child. He was accepted and is now a priest and he is able to have a relationship with his daughter. She was a minor when he entered but she’s university age now.


Did he pay child support?

If he didn’t, why didn’t the mother see him jailed for not doing so?


I’m SURE that all had to be addressed before he entered the seminary.


I don’t know. I’m not his best bud so I don’t have that information. I do know the people in charge of this particular religious order and I’d be inclined to trust their judgement.


Perhaps…my point was that it’s not an absolute impediment.


18 days later and I am currently in contact with the ICKSP and if God wants it, I’ll be joining their seminary in september 2018. Please pray for me, I pray for you.


Thanks so much for the update!

We will keep you in our prayers.


The SSPX is not merely controversial, but it has an irregular status with the Church. Approaching them will only cause you confusion. This is not meant to detract from the quality of your spiritual direction, but caution you about pursuing a vocation with them - God will not call you to leave communion with the Church

It may take years to discern a vocation. If you are seriously considering the priesthood and/or religious life, you should refrain from dating to focus on your spiritual development. I would encourage you to work with your diocesan vocations director to explore possibilities, including religious life.


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