Priestly Vocations at Traditional Parishes

I belong to a small FSSP parish that has 4 young men in seminary ( 3 in FSSP and one perusing legionnaire of Christ) . I believe this is to our two Holy Priests who preach Orthodox doctrine and the Holiness of the Traditional Mass that has open their hearts to the priesthood.

My 10 year old son wants to be a Priest as well … I pray that he follows God’s call

Is this common in other Traditional parishes? What about orthodox Novus Ordo Parishes?

It is certainly the case in traditional parishes, which have flourishing vocations.

As a general rule, the more orthodox the parish is, the more vocations. This applies to the NO as well.

My diocese, which is pretty middle-ground in terms of orthodoxy, has 1 seminarian in formation. Says a lot when you compare it to traditional orders.

Yes. We have the only Traditional Mass in our entire diocese. We had nine men from my parish meet with the Bishop a few weeks ago about becoming priests. Nine, just in our little parish. That is about the same amount as the rest of the diocese combined. (And I know the majority of the other men on a personal level as well. Three of them would be attending Mass at my parish if they were able to/closer. One lacks a car, and for the others, the drive is many, many hours).

Granted, not all of us will move on to become priests. But to me, the evidence is clear.

I have deduced it to two reasons. Either -
A) The TLM inspires vocations on a much higher level than the typical Novus Ordo parish. (Which I believe is the case. I almost threw my vocation in the trash until I found the TLM. [Ask me for the story in private if you really care that much]).

B) All the orthodox men in the area flock to my parish to get away from the chaos going on at 9 out of 10 Novus Ordo parishes. (Those are not made up stats. 9 out of the 10 churches around here are almost intolerable)…err 8 out of 10. I just remembered that another one of them isn’t so bad.

It may be a combination of both.

Edit: Changed a thing or two for clarification.

But either way, orthodoxy encourages vocations.

How many young men do you know who want to be ‘Barney-priests’?

One. :stuck_out_tongue:

But only because he doesn’t know better. Don’t worry, my friend and I have a firm hold on his arm and we are leading him in the right direction. Haha. He will be attending our High Mass next month. :thumbsup:

Im discerning a vocation with three others as well in my FSSP Parish. So far, our parish has already given the FSSP two seminarians and hopefully that number will turn to six.

Not bad for one parish :slight_smile:

A question (I have only been to the TLM twice).

How much of an impact does the greater role of the altar servers have in fostering vocations? It seems to me that the important role, along with learning Latin, and understanding things the general congregation doesn’t, is probably very attractive to boys. Also, they probably get more interaction with the priests in learning their role.

I am often struck by just how little there is for the servers to do in a Pauline Mass.

Ref:greater role of the altar servers

Good point… We have lots of alter boys from age 10 to twenty something. They are taught that it is a very serious matter in assiting the Priest at the Mass. I attend a Dialogue High Mass so the responces are said by the parishoners so latin plays a smaller role as compared to those who server at the low mass for the alter boys.

At my old N.O. Parish who had no less than 10X the number of parishoners , we were lucky to have two servers.

The other thing that comes to mind is our CCD is very Strong and very Catholic which would help in their formation

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