Priests allowed to marry? Anything truth behind it?


I was talking to some people and someone mentioned that they read somewhere that the Vatican is considering allow priests to marry due to the recent controversies of priest’s private lives.

I didn’t want to respond to them without finding information first from you guys here. If anyone knows anything please let me know, I really appreciate it. Thanks everyone!

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Married men are permitted to be ordained to the priesthood (in rare circumstances in present day Latin Rite, but more common in Eastern Rites and the historical Latin Rite).

But to my knowledge, ordained men have never been routinely permitted to marry.

I believe your friend is mistaken.

I also believe there is a document in production which is expected to re-affirm the discipline of priestly celibacy in the west.



thank you, I greatly appreciate that!


Since this is not news and the original poster’s question has been answered. this thread is closed.

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