Priests allowed to wear bracelet during mass?

Can a priest wear a bracelet while vested and celebrating Mass, for example those colored bands promoting a cause? I find them distracting during the consecration. Is that my problem?

Seen them do so and if they aren’t interfering in any way with them saying Mass I wouldn’t guess there is a problem with them wearing them. I am not going to be the one to tell them to remove it.


Interesting question, since celebrating the Mass should be done with the utmost reverence. It is a form of advertising in a way, worthy though it may be. I wouldn’t be comfortable even being a Deacon and wearing one. [I am not a Deacon]


I think it is your problem. How is that any more distracting than a watch?


Maybe sit further back so you can’t see so well! I think those rubber bracelets are ugly (esp when people have several and the colors clash) but I think the wearer is showing support for a cause when they buy it… and after awhile probably doesn’t even really notice it’s there anymore. I often get ready for bed and realize I’m wearing hair ties on my wrist. When did they even get there? My girls leave them lying around the house, I put them up and put them on my arm & forget about them completely. I imagine the priest may have done so with his bracelets too.

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Our priest wears a ring that he got from his deceased mother. It is very pretty.


My priest is wearing one now, as one of his young parishioners is battling cancer. How on earth can showing his support for the family be wrong?
Sorry OP, this is your issue, not his.


There are no rules on what a priest may wear under his vestments. He may wear a watch or a bracelet provided it doesn’t overshadow his vestments. Wearing bands that promote a particular cause could be distracting, but I suggest you concentrate more on what he is doing than what he is wearing.


I have to say I think you’ve already guessed the answer is yes.

But, that said, welcome to CAF!


Priests are not forbidden to wear jewelry (unless some Bishop has a rule in his Diocese).

I do not think there is any formal rule, nor does it seem to be a serious issue in any way.

That being said, many priests would even remove their watch before celebrating mass in order to avoid causing distraction. It’s a small matter, really.

Me again. I wanted to expand on my original post but didn’t know if I could edit or just put more here - so here goes. During the month of June I was bombarded with rainbows. During the consecration I noticed the multicolored bracelet the priest was wearing. It turned out to be nothing but very troubling until I found out. That got me to wondering if there were any rules pertaining to this.

So sad that a symbol of God’s promise to humanity has become so suspect.



I was in high school in the 90s. Our priest wore a WWJD bracelet. Of course now we recognize this as tacky but during the time. Kind of funny during Mass…

I don’t think there’s a specific rule that would prevent it. I know a number of priests who wear watches, and some of them take it off before Mass and others don’t. I think it’s more a matter of personal preference.

Personally, I don’t think it is wrong. However, I also don’t find them to be very professional.

I think it’s tacky when someone is wearing one of those with a business suit.

Therefore, if I was a priest or Deacon, I would remove it during mass - for the same reason I would never wear one with a business suit.

While I agree with what you are saying, I don’t think the “wearing rings” is a very good analogy.

A better “ring analogy” would be wearing a fluorescent, blue decoder ring from a cereal box.

The OP wasn’t referring to real jewelry (aka a gold or silver bracelet) but one of those plastic/rubber, fluorescent bracelets that kids (and some adults) wear to advertise or support something.

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I don’t think the OP 'has an issue ’
I think it’s a valid question.
Priestly vestments mean Mass. I don’t think anything should be worn that distracts.
Wristwatch is functional not fashion or a ‘statement’.
Leave statements outside the Sanctuary.


Yes, he can wear what he wants.

There is a tradition in the East that clerics do not wear any jewelry (including watches). The only exception is a wedding ring if they are married.

I’ve never served Divine Liturgy with a priest who didn’t wear a watch, however.

I don’t wear a watch, nor do I wear any of the supporting-a-cause bracelets. I just don’t like anything clicking around while censing and the like.

Deacon Christopher

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