Priests and cars What does your priest drive?

There was an very old thread about Priests and cars. I found it fun to read. So for fun I would like to ask what does your priest drive? It will also lead to some talk about Social Justice.

Cool idea! :slight_smile: Old priest drives a 1996 Buick, and one of the sub priests drives a black BMW.

Cool idea! :slight_smile: My old priest drives a 1996 navy Buick LeSabre, and one of the sub priests drives a black BMW.

Pick up truck

There are going to be a lot more older or smaller cars now that Pope Francis likes to go around in a Ford Focus. The BMW must have been pope-envy from Pope Benedict. What bad luck for priests who would have liked a more expensive car.

Our parish priest drives a Mercury sedan. I’m not sure, but I think that it may be supplied by the local Ford/Mercury dealership – owned a parish member.

Really? You really believe that priests choose their car based on what the Pope drives?


We have two priests at our parish. One is older and drives a Ford. The other is straight out of seminary and drives a Chevy.

There’s an old joke about priests driving Taurus, Monsignors Buicks, and Bishops Caddies.
Most of the priests I know drive something really fuel friendly…they cover large areas.

I recall my parish priests driving a Ford Pinto and a Vega in the 70s and 80s (when they weren’t loaning their cars to needy parishioners and walking themselves).
My current priest owns an economy car that is nearly 10 years old.
May God bless our priests and may many holy men answer his call to the priesthood.


Our priest drives a soft-top black Jeep. Whenever we see his Jeep around town, our family always says “Priest in a Jeep!” I don’t know why, but we all find it extremely amusing that our priest has that sort of car.

A Ford Flex. The parish itself has a F-150 pickup truck.

In the early Church, the apostles all* shared* a Honda. They went about with on Accord.

Of course, that was never mentioned in Scripture
due to example that Christ set

You all gave me a good laugh today. Thank you

An oldie, but a goodie.

That is quiet a range. The older priest is frugal. My hat is off to him.

Our priest has a Rav4 nice but not to crazy.

A car he can afford…

Good point! When I was growing up, the parish had priests that were from an “Order”. So one of the parishioners was a Chevy Dealer…and he used to provide the priests with various cars. For nothing, God rest his soul.
Years later, my parish has Diocesan priest, and they must purchase their own vehicles. They have the advantage of fleet insurance, so there’s a bit of a break there cost-wise, but it’s up to them how fancy they want to get, or how practical, or what functions they need.
Some remote guys really need a truck. Others, inner city, go for hybrids.
But honestly, none of them have a lot of cash to spend on them.

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