Priests and OT


I’m trying to make a list of things that God ordered priests in the Old Testament. One example would be not drinking alcohol in the “tent of God”. Could you please help me?

Thankies! :slight_smile:


Offering sacrifice
Many different types of sacrifice are mentioned, including the evening sacrifice (1 Esdras), incense offerings (Judith, 2 Maccabees), freewill offerings (Judith), votive offerings (Judith), gifts to the temple (Judith), offerings on behalf of the royal house (1 Esdras, 1 Maccabees), customary temple sacrifices (2 Maccabees), the twice-daily whole burnt offering (Ben Sira), burnt offerings (1 Maccabees, Wisdom of Solomon), cereal offerings (2 Maccabees), lighting of the lamp (2 Maccabees), the bread of the Presence (2 Maccabees), sacrifices for atonement (2 Maccabees), sacrifices for healing (2 Maccabees), first fruits, tithes, and first-shearings to be taken to the priests (Tobit), and the legendary naphtha sacrifice of Nehemiah (2 Maccabees).

Performed circumcisions

Diagnosed leprosy

Cleansing of lepers

Purification of men and women deemed unclean


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