Priests and the Precious Blood


After the Consecration of the Mass, are Priests required to drink the remaining Blood of Christ?

During the Consecration, when they lift the chalice, are Priests required to drink the Blood?

What if a Priest doesn’t like the taste of wine, or wine with water?


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I’m asking because I feel called either to marriage or the priesthood.


Not *during *the consecration, but a celebrating priest is required to partake both species of the Eucharist, either directly or by intinction.

Celebrating priests or deacon(s) ought to consume anything that remains in the chalice. If there is a large quantity, I believe they may be assisted by extraordinary ministers (but I may be mistaken).

In the event a priest does not like the taste, he may partake only a small particle of the host and a small amount of the species of wine (which, if it is not proffered to the faithful, he need not consecrate an inordinate amount). He should also be able to choose from among altar wines to find one not too much distasteful.



The priest must consume both species at Mass but can consecrate a very small amount in the main chalice. (BTW, they don’t drink from the chalice at the Consecration but after the Agnus Dei)

After Communion, if there has been distribution under both kinds and if there is remaining precious blood in the cups, the EMHC can consume the remainder. But the priest has to consume the water from purifying the chalice. Unless there is a Deacon, then he can do it.


Hi “Eucharisted”. Ok, I’m going to tackle this… using plain old “MV” logic; which has been known on more than one occasion… to be flawed. lol. :blushing:

It’s an interesting question. And having absolutely NO knowledge of what the answer might be; I would say this. That to a man, seriously considering a call to the priesthood… this would be a very small matter; one that he would gladly “get over”… in order to answer God’s call.

If the man, however… has some sort of serious allergy, say… to wine, or grapes… but he still wants to become a priest… I guess he would need to speak with the bishop? Or superior of an Order he is interested in? To see if those valid health concerns, can be surmounted.

Don’t know if this is helpful. But… I tried! :smiley:

God bless.


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