Priests apologise for wearing clerical attire at Trump rally



THEY SHOULD NOT APOLOGIZE. It is who they are 24-7 and they should never be ashamed or apologize for that. I like to see clergy in their clericals out & about in public. I think it is a wonderful testimony to their FAITH!


Absolutely. I would want to know if my priest thought that an average Trump rally and the comments he makes are ok with him. Apparently, these priests were ok with Senator Warren being called Pocahontas and I think that is useful information for the parishioners.


I support Mr. Trump as Our President. I don’t agree 100% with everything he says or does but I am not ashamed to admit I support him and I am a devout practicing cradle to grave/womb to tomb Catholic. He is a human being, flawed and makes many mistakes just like we all do. His “sins” are between him and God. I pray for him, I pray for the decisions he makes in regards to our country and I ask God to lead him to do the very best he possibly can for our country. I honestly believe the man cares about America. He wants this country to be one we can all be proud of and he’s doing the best he can to make that happen. Is he perfect—NO. Is he crude and rude sometimes-YES! But is he the best person to be our President at this time- I believe he is. NOW the former President I would never have supported or admitted I supported.


Right, great…we’re talking about the priests that went to his rally.


I was replying to the comments you made about what was said at the rally. Sorry if I got a bit off track.


Well, like I said, it’s good to know if your priest supports comments like that by attending a rally and sitting in a prominent position.


Not at a political rally. It looks like an endorsement.


I am sure the bishop would be just fine if this were Obama.


I have no issue with the priests wearing clerical attire while attending a Trump rally. In fact I am heartened by the support.

That said I defer to the bishop who is best placed to make the rules for the diocese.


I am sure you have evidence for that, and wouldn’t just make a baseless accusation against a bishop because he said something you don’t agree with.


I understand what you mean, the problem however is that by wearing clearicals to a political rally it gives the impression that the Church itself endorses the politician, and not the individual Priests, or even that they are just neutral spectators. This would be just as true if a couple Priests sat behind the podium at an Obama rally. The military operates the same way. A military member cannot wear a uniform to a political rally because it gives the impression that the military, not the individual, is endorsing something. This is also why doctors are asked to wear their white coats to political rallies- so everyone knows that “all doctors” support whatever medical law is being proposed.

The Bishop is merely asking his Priests to avoid havin such conclusions drawn.


What is “contact nastiness”?

All I said was that I think it’s good for priests that support Trump to sit on a stage behind him in full garb so that their parishioners know exactly what they stand for. It’s not like they can claim they were surprised by Trump’s comments.


Perhaps because I am a military brat, but I think it is inappropriate for priests to wear “uniforms” to any political rally.

And I would hope that those who support D’s would feel the same way about priests showing up at D rallies as well.


Exactly. I don’t care about the priests having individual political views. As US citizens, they can vote and they have every right to go to a public rally.

But showing up in a priest “uniform” makes it appear that the Church as an institution is supporting the particular candidate. In the USA this is grossly inappropriate, regardless of who the candidate is, and could end up causing all kinds of unpleasant legal consequences for the Church.


From reading the article, I got the impression that the problem was that the priests were right behind the podium. I don’t get the impression that them showing up at a Trump event in clerical garb was necessarily the problem.

That being said, I would think that the priests would have realized that the location they were seated in by the “individual they know well” was going to be problematic, and that they should move to a more inconspicuous location. As it happened, they didn’t do that.


And if they were standing behind Obama?


This is a matter for the local bishop, but on a wider scale it certainly seems Catholic priests have no problem inserting themselves into politics or endorsing (by their presence) political positions. If this rule was uniformly enforced I’d have no problem with it.


All this was said about Jesus when he dined with tax collectors…


Total hypocrisy!

And yes, it’s from That doesn’t change anything. As Thomas Kempis said, “Do not look at who is saying something; look at what is being said.”

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