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Ok, I have a question. My parish priest posted a picture of himself in the sacristy tonight about 5 minutes before Mass. He put this on Facebook. My dad thinks this is highly inappropriate, because he should be “thinking and concentrating.” My priest before this was completely against Facebook (he viewed it as a source of gossip and drama, which is, to a degree, true) and he meditated before Mass. Thoughts on this?

I do not know if I can provide a neutral answer, because I hate Facebook, and I got rid of my account, but I think this was inappropriate:

While vesting, the priest should be spiritually and mentally preparing himself for Mass, not be on Facebook and taking pictures of himself.

Of course, one of the reasons I hate Facebook is because people take pictures of themselves when in situations no one cares about: eating in a restaurant, walking down a hallway, etc.

Some people’s answers will be different, but this is just my opinion…

I think this is a tricky question since we don’t know why he did this. Was his motive to show his love for the Mass and his priestly joy? If so, that facebook posting could be inspirational and evangelical.

Maybe he is just trying to prove his point about how gossip can spread on Facebook, and beyond

=zab;11847849]Maybe he is just trying to prove his point about how gossip can spread on Facebook, and beyond

Judge NOT; least ye also be Judged! [Mt. 7:1]

Recent Pontiff’s have encouraged the use of electronic Media as a VIABLE tool for teaching and reaching out. Its NOt mandated; but a VIABLE and good option. If it’s used and NOT abused; I agree… Do it.

We can never known the MIND of the priest. that is between Him and God.:thumbsup: Nor is it a good idea to try to second guess what they are thinking.:slight_smile:

I am not a big facebook fan…but…“Lord…save me from sour face saints”.

Thank goodness you have a priest at all to bring you the eucharist.

Might your priest greet people arriving at the church, five minutes before Mass? Would you consider that inappropriate?

If not, then why is greeting people – by way of a Facebook post – be inappropriate? Is it the greeting that ya’ll are considering inappropriate? (If so, then you might consider Jesus’ response when the apostles wished to keep children from Him. :wink: )

Or, is it simply the medium that’s bothering ya’ll? If so, why is it that Facebook is what is getting his goat?

When I was an altar boy in the 1970s, the priests would come in and get their vestments together and carry on pleasant conversations with whomever was there. I remember one time in particular, when our pastor (and older gentleman who had been ordained in the mid-1920s) talk about how a friend of his would put huge layers of butter on his bread and never had a cholesterol problem.

Another priest one time asked us about a question that had him baffled, “If I tell you to meet me at the front of the church, do you meet me up at the altar or outside on the steps?”

So, from my experience, I don’t think the priest’s Facebook pic is out-of-the-ordinary.

I don’t see a problem with it at all. My experience with vesting as an altar boy was similar to on the hills. The priest would carry on pleasant conversation, or give us any special instructions for Mass as he was vesting.

Even if there was quiet meditation, that would be blown the second we formed up near the entrance for the entrance procession. Everybody would be greeting Father.

I think the Church provides sufficient time for quite meditation within the Mass itself, pretty much by definition: What the Church provides for is sufficient for us.

I agree, with you, too, that facebook and other internet websites can be good. It is a way for me to keep in better touch with my family members who live over 2,000miles away. But I also have seen the negative effect of it even amonst my family members. But in case your post was accusing me of judging, let me point out that it was the OP who brought up that the priest previously spoke against facebook, and than a certain family member of the OP criticized the priest for taking his picture and posting it on fb… So rather than automatically condemn the priest for taking his picture and posting in on facebook, I suggested that maybe, just maybe, he was trying to make a point.

I don’t think it’s that big of a deal as long as he treats his preparation for Mass with due reverence and gravity.

Were you checking out Facebook five minutes before mass? :slight_smile:

We don’t post on facebook from the pews five minutes before mass begins, so why should the priest, who is about to act in persona Christi, be permitted to post on facebook from the sacristy?

Are you claiming that a priest’s experience prior to Mass is identical to the experience of the faithful in the pews, prior to Mass? :hmmm:

If not, then it’s not necessarily valid to say “since he’s doing something different, it’s wrong”… :wink:

The best thing to do if there is any question of why a priest did something is to ask him directly. Telling your dad is like spreading gossip if your dad turns around to tell others. Just because the previous priest was against Facebook, doesn’t mean that this priest had invalid reasons for doing so. There could have been a Facebook conversation going on that you are not privy too. Likewise, having some lofty idea that priests are to be in some sort of deep meditation before every Mass isn’t viewing them as normal human beings

I just LOL’d. It’s funny 'cause it’s true. :smiley:

IMO…the priest, who is about to make present Christ in the Holy Eucharist, of all people, should be preparing himself to celebrate Mass, not accessing a social networking site.

Y’know… If we all prayed for our priests half as much as we complained about them… we’d have nothing to complain about. :shrug:


I agree with you on both.


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