Priests & Deacons: Would you wear black vestments for funerals if asked by the family?


We have at least one more priest, @hwasie, who joined CAF several months ago. It’s a long time since I last saw a post from @Don_Ruggero, but I hope he is still around.


I think the Don is long gone


I remember noticing that his posts tended to attract some pretty hostile opposition, though I don’t recall the details. I wonder whether perhaps he just decided enough was enough.


A deacon I know says he would wear them if asked but he would not buy them.


I am also active clergy. I am a Deacon.



I left out most of the document, which is very long and says many things.

I never said the contrary. Of course it its a wonderful thing.

You are not “merely questioning” my arguments, you are making me say things I never said and making me look as if I wanted to go against things I am not against. From my point of view, that is completely out of place in a forum where all of us come to share our faith with our brothers and sisters, not to feel as if someone was placing you in the dock and accusing you God knows why. That’s why I’m flagging your comments.


I’m making you say things you never said? That’s a new one. I could say more but as this is unrelated to vestments at this point I’ll refrain. Adios.


Nope, but maybe Dies Irae would be sung. :wink:


Now I’m imagining Johnny Cash’s voice singing the Dies Irae…


We already had this discussion, perhaps you missed it.

The consensus was that “Ring of Fire” was inappropriate for a funeral mass.


But, if the celebrant wears black, maybe not… :wink: :rofl:


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