Priests for Life: Federal Judge Rejects Pro-Life Group's Lawsuit Against HHS Mandate

Judge Frederic Block issued an order granting the government’s motion to dismiss the case, Priests for Life vs. Sebelius, on grounds of “lack of ripeness.”

Father Pavone: Pavone added: “Moreover, the dismissal does not mean we’ve ‘lost the case;’ it means the court is not ready to decide on the case. The court is not saying we are wrong in our arguments with the Obama Administration and the HHS. Rather, it is issuing a procedural, technical ruling saying that we have to wait before the court decides on the merits of those arguments. The reason for the wait is the Administration’s promise of further changes to the mandate, changes expected by August of this year. The Court is saying, ‘Wait and see if, once the changes to the mandate come, you still want to challenge it.’”

Senator Ted Cruz Was Right: HHS Mandate Puts Religious Liberty Under Assault

Yes, this has been the response of many of the courts. Time will tell what will happen.

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