Priests for Life Website Down?

Not sure if this is the right forum, but PFL is pro-life…

Are they having issues? All my DNS checks indicate that has no valid address.

Anybody else having trouble accessing their website?

If it had a problem when you tried it, it seems to be up now.

For some reason, my local DNS server is still reporting as not found.

I did manage to get one DNS lookup to work, but it reported as the IP address. Going to this website (using reports and has some links. But it doesn’t appear to be Priests for Life.

Strange… I was thinking a DoS attack or something similar. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, apparently their server expects domain names in the requests. I put the IP address in my local hosts file and the page started working.

Wonder why the DNS for this domain is failing here but not elsewhere? Hmm…

Maybe PP or NARAL is hiring hackers now that they are scared.:eek:


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