Priests going to confession


Do priests go to confession, and confess to other priests?


Of course! As do the bishops and even the Pope.


Every now and then I am lucky enough to see a priest walk out of confession with another priest. It can be a cool thing to see because it reminds us that priests sin just like us, and just like us, they need to go to confession.

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even the great Saints and Doctors of the Church went to confession, and many wrote about the importance of the Sacrament of Reconciliation for all of us to maintain our closeness with the Body of Christ.


At a friary in NYC there is a door marked specifically for priests who desire to go to confession.


JP2 reportedly confessed three times per week. The Pope, as the leader of all Christians, sets the standard. He did not trumpet it as did the Pharisees, as he wished only treasure in heaven.

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Are there regulations that affect to whom a priest may go for confession. For example, if a priest confessed stealing parish money to the Bishop, the Bishop would kind of be in a real bind, since if he did anything about it, he would be violating the seal of confession.


There are many ways of reorganizing or reassigning responsibilities while protecting the seal of the confessional. The administration of parishes often changes, and for similar reasons, without violating the seal. Remember that the removal of a person from certain tasks may very well be part of their penance. Thus, they may cause or allow such a change themselves, without revealing the sinful cause of the change. The penitent cannot violate the seal of the confessional, only the confessor may. Thus, if you confide to a friend things that you confessed, that has absolutely no effect on the seal. The seal is incumbent upon only the priest.

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Wow. I’ve never seen that. But I wonder if most priests do theirs by “appointment”. I guess I never thought of a priest just going to a regularly scheduled confession time like everybody else.

It sounds like you live in a great diocese - or at least parish!


Most of the priests I know have a spiritual director who is also their confessor.

His pastoral position was such, too, that his sins would have a greater deleterious effect than the sins of others.

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