Priests: HHS Law Violates Our 'Reason for Existence'

WASHINGTON – The Christian organization Priests for Life told a federal court Thursday that the HHS mandate requiring it to provide employees free contraception – some of which induces abortion – would force the group to violate the very reason for its existence.

Many religious organizations back Priests for Life in this case because they, too, could be forced to support a mandate that violates their faith.

“When a group like Priests for Life is being attacked, I think that says something,” Alison Howard, with Concerned Women for America, said. “The pendulum’s swung so far that the federal government could mandate a group of Catholic priests to fund exactly what they’re working against.”

Here is a report on some of the Judges response:

The Little Sisters of the Poor, who found themselves in a similar situation, have at least obtained at least temporary relief from the HHS mandate.

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