Priests kidnapped in Ukraine [CWN]


Two Catholic priests have been kidnapped by separatists in eastern Ukraine, the Religious Information Service for Ukraine (RISU) has reported. Father Tikhon Kulbaka, a priest of the …



Praying for the safe return of the priests.


Lord Have Mercy!

Some clergy kidnapped recently by the pro-Russian separatists have been tortured and killed, others released.

Lord Have Mercy!


Lord, have mercy! May they be brought home soon. Amen.


The Roman Catholic priest Viktor Vonsovych, kidnapped by the pro-Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine, is being held in a security agency building taken over by these pro-Russian separatists, in Horlivka in the Donetsk province [the same province where the Malaysian plane was shot down - me]. He was able to give out a short SMS message stating he is in this place.

Vonsovych was able to bypass these terrorists’ checkpoints in the area regularly, to attend to his parishioners in four towns in this area. Now he is being held by them.

(the article is in Ukrainian and has not been translated into English by RISU but that is my synopsis; the article does use the word “terrorists”)

Prayers for his quick release.

p.s. the Ukrainian Greek Catholic priest mentioned in the OP has been released by these pro-Russian forces, and was threatened with death by them before release; he is in a fraught condition. Luckily they didn’t kill him. These thugs are operating under the command of a ruthless and brutal Russian military intelligence officer sent from Moscow, Igor Girkin, to fight the Ukrainian state. The Ukrainian government believes this same Girkin (Strelkov) was among those responsible for shooting down the Malaysian civilian airliner.


Further to the above I found the article in English about the Ukrainian Catholic priest’s release from Ukraine’s Religious Information Service:

Father Tikhon Kulbaka, a priest of the UGCC on Donetsk, who had been captured by the terrorists in early July, is now free and there is no threat to his life. It was reported by protestant pastor Serhiy Kosyak on his Facebook page.

“Dear brothers and sisters and everyone who prayed and was anxious about Greek-Catholic priest Fr. Tikhon (Serhiy Kulbaka), Fr. Tikhon was released and stays in a safe place”, he reported.

Serhiy Kosyak stated that the Greek Catholic priest is depressed. He was threatened with death in the captivity.

His emotional condition is very depressed and he is physically exhausted. When I talked to him, he was crying as a child. I won’t go into details about his release and the conditions in the captivity, but [he is] is a man [who] has faced death several times and might have reconciled with it. Thanks God, Fr. Tikhon is alive and free.


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