Priests obligated to teach "official" teachings?


Do priests have an obligation to teach according to the official teachings of the Catholic Church or are they given considerable leeway in what they can teach? Don’t they make a vow before the bishop during their ordination to faithfully uphold the teachings of the Church?

I ask this because my parish priest teaches a variety of things that are opposed to the teachings that are found in the catechism. One main area of disagreement is with homosexuality. He teaches that gay sex is okay. I told him that this goes against what the Church teaches and he responded by saying that he feels that he has been called to be a prophet regarding this issue.


Complain to the Bishop. If necessary, explain to him that he (the Bishop) has a duty to protect the faithful from sexual predators among the clergy – and there’s a reason this priest feels “called” to preach homosexual sex.

If necessary, complain to the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith.


I certainly would hope they’re obligated to uphold all the teachings of the Church. Some don’t and we need to pray for them.


Oh-boy! This is trouble.:frowning:


Go to another church, quickly as you can, and urge many to come with you.

Priests are duty bound to teach the truth as revealed by His word and the magesterium of the church - not his own opinion.

Let’s hope some action by the bishop helps lead the priest back to his pastoral duty.


Yes, they must adhere to and teach only what the Church teaches.

Tell your bishop exactly what you have told us. Your bishop needs to act, and fast.


The Bishop should act – but first he needs to know what’s going on. Someone in the congregation must report this – preferrably several people, with documentation giving dates and quotes. If possible, get several parishoners to sign the letter you send him.

Does your diocese require those who work with children participate in the Virtus program? If so, they should see this guy is exhibiting the signs of a sexual predator – obsession with sex and attempting to rationalize illicit sex.


Even if he is a prophet (which is highly doubtful as he speaks against the moral teaching of the Church), it is up to the Church to declare him a prophet.

As Christianity is a “Revealed” religion, there is no need for prophets. The truth has been revealed perfectly through Jesus Christ!

Call the Bishop!


In my understanding priests are bound to faithfully teach and follow the church’s magesterium on all issues. Clearly priests would be allowed a lot of flexibility and leeway for pastoral reasons and situations, but there would be a fairly clear set of limits.


Teaching authority ends at the Bishop. A priest cannot and should not teach anything at all that is not official Catholic teaching. He has broken his vows.


This priest is dangerous. As I said, there is a reason for his obsession with sex and his determination to rationalize disordered sex. Don’t allow him to be alone with your children.


Get it in writing. You could e-mail him (he won’t answer).

Dear Fr. XXX,

I am writing to check on what I thought I heard in your homily last week. Did you say “XXXXXXX”. And if so, could you please connect the dots for me so that I can understand how this concurs with paragraph xxxx of the Catechism?


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