Priests on facebook taking political sides?


What do you think about priests getting on facebook and taking obvious political sides?
For example, pics/icons of candidates, political cartoons, etc.?
A little birdie told me this was fine as long as the web site was not owned by a diocese/parish and they had permission from their religous order.
I found info. contrary to this from the vatican. What’s your opinion?:confused:


Abuse of position of influence. That’s my take on it.


Personally I wouldn’t have a problem with it. Everyone, even priests, are entitled to freedom of speech and expression which is what posting things on websites such as FaceBook is. I have the right to disagree and not look at it if I don’t agree with it. I realize that there are people who are susceptible to persuasion, whether direct or perceived from priests and other people in their lives; but that doesn’t mean that the priest (since that’s what the OP was asking about) should not have the right to do so on a “private” website – and by that I mean a website that is not run, organized, or sanctioned by the diocese or church. In that instance he would be acting as a private citizen.


I don’t have a problem with priests having Facebook accounts. And I don’t have a problem with priests having political opinions.

But I would (usually because there always seems to be an exception somewhere) have a problem with a priest using his priestly influence to push a specific candidate or political party (as opposed to principles and platforms in general) because I think that is a misuse of his time, whether on Facebook or elsewhere.


If a priest has a political opinion and wants to broad cast it , who cares? They are people, just like us.


They may be people, but they are public people and that carries with it a particular responsibility and burden to keep ones opinion confined to close friends and family; especially in a topic area that can be used as fodder for controversy and dissent. It has nothing to do with priesthood as much as it has to do with being a public person representing an entity and belief.


It may not be prudent, but I’m pretty sure as long as they are not preaching a candidate from the pulpit or in an official manner then it’s ok.


I think if a priest is “endorsing” a candidate or a platform that is patently against what the
Catholic Church teaches (for example, a pro-abortion candidate, gay marriage, etc.) then that is a cause for scandal which is a sin. A priest must know that he is a public representative of the Catholic Church, the Bride of Christ. He is to shepherd His flock, and he should not lead them astray by posting contrary views and/or opinions. Facebook can be a highly effective way to lead people to Christ, if it is used wisely and correctly.


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