Priest's on the move :(


Every diocese’s policy is different. So no answer which might be provided here will be definitive. Basically, a bishop can move a priest as he sees best fit. Though, actually, a “pastor” who heads up a parish has certain canonical rights whereby he can’t be moved easily without consent. An “associate pastor” (basically any priest who is assiting at a parish - young or old - but not formally installed as it’s head) can be moved more easily. There are dioceses where priests don’t move much at all and dioceses which move them much more frequently. There are worthwhile arguments which can be made for keeping them in place for a long time (or life) and for moving them occasionally. But your parish still remains your spititual home and a priest in some way your spiritual father (even when he is no longer your pastor) no matter who the pastor is.


I am so sorry on your behalf. Meanwhile, I heve been praying for years that the priest here would either be moved or transformed…


This is probably the reason it is the hardest to accept. However, now that you are waling with Christ you will meet many wonderful people and priests along the way. I am sure it will bring you some wonderful new surprises. God Bless you and welcome home.


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