Priest's Opening Remarks -Poor Taste?

Here is the gist of Father’s opening remarks at Mass on Sunday: Well everyone, I’m back - I had a colonoscopy on Friday. A lot of people may say that I’m less full of it than usual."

I thought this was very inappropriate and it definitely didn’t help me to get in the proper frame of mind for Mass. Thoughts, anyone?

I’d say it deserves a good eye roll, but not anything more involved. I wouldn’t file a complaint over it. I wouldn’t even address it to the priest. I probably wouldn’t even have thought to ask CAF about it. Molehills make insurmountable mountains.

I am not sure it is appropriate to begin mass with, but then again, humor can be appropriate during mass. After all, we are called to be joyful Christians.

Not the most appropriate, but nothing to get all upset over either. Humor has it’s place, and if I had heard something like that, it would remind me that my pastor is as human as I am and that he is taking good care of himself, as I should take care of me . :slight_smile:

Just sounds like an innocent attempt at a joke to me. Maybe a little TMI, but nothing to write the bishop over.


You’re correct.

Not a big deal at all. Next time you are distracted at mass, try to put yourself in the shoes of those that have to hide the fact they are at mass and what they must go through to celebrate.

:confused: could you elaborate?

Such as places in China where they have to hide, or some of the strict Muslim areas. Imagine some of the distractions there. Or even in Christ’s time where people feared for their lives as they followed Christ, just saying focus on what is important.

No, it doesn’t seem at all appropriate. But I would say that if this is not a happening that occurs often, then say some prayers for the priest.

Do not publicly criticize priests.

In that context, don’t criticize anyone publicly.

Distinctly disedifying and inappropriate.

If this was the biggest thing in your day to be concerned about, give thanks to God for your peaceful life. While you’re at it, you can pray (a) that the priest’s health is OK since he was out having a medical check and (b) that he develops a less groanworthy sense of humor.

Seriously, I can see turning to your husband and saying “oh what a dreadful joke, reminds me of something your Uncle Pete would tell at Thanksgiving dinner” and then moving on with your day. I can’t see why a 30-second joke would merit a whole forum thread to gather others’ opinions. Seems incredibly petty like most of the threads about “the priest did this or that thing, what do you think?” I’m beginning to think there should be a whole forum just for people to carp about little things priests do.

Or, “How entirely inappropriate, considering we are at Mass”.

Which would also be a more appropriate reaction at Mass.

That would probably be my mom’s reaction. I tend to shrug it off, having grown up in the post Vatican-II era where a priest or nun was doing something the old folks considered wack every other week. ( I’m also not concerned as to whether my reaction is considered “appropriate” or not; I’m past the age of caring about moral thought police when it comes to Mass.)

I also think that telling a bad joke dealing with a medical test may be the person trying to defuse some anxiety about the possible result, and assuming the rest of the Mass went off without a hitch and the priest is not telling a scat joke every week, I would take the joke as a cue to be a little concerned about his health.

I’m Post-Vat. II, II, and still think it is entirely inappropriate.

Indeed, our spiritual health is of prior importance (;))

I see the point. But to me, no priest should lower the bar, just to get a laugh at mass. In the 50’s I was an altar boy. I was taught by a Polish priest who escaped death in a Nazi concentration camp by virtue of the WWII allied forces saving him.

He taught honor and respect when going onto the altar. That always stayed with me.

I’ve said it before, it must be dreadful for our clergy to always be under a microscope.

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