Priests' Prayer Book

I’m embarrassed to post such a simple question, but my memory fails me!

What is the name of the prayer book priests use for the blessing of animals, the Rite of Christian Burial, and so forth? Is it, in fact, one all-encompassing book?

Many thanks for your answers.

They are probably separate books.

There is a book for funerals:

And another for blessings:

In addition to the Lectionary and Sacramentary used at most Masses, there are also special books for weddings, for RCIA rites, Marian Masses, etc.

And there is the Breviary (also known as the Liturgy of the Hours or Divine Office) which includes prayers (mostly psalms) that priests and religious are obligated to pray every day:

You might be thinking of “The Roman Ritual”

This one comes in both a single-volume and a 3-volume-set (which is more complete). There’s also a “pocket” version with just the Sacraments and a few often-used blessings.

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