Priests/Religious - How has your vocation changed you?


I ask because I think often about that saying - "He does not call the qualified, but qualifies those whom he calls". So I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts.

Especially with regards to your relationship with God personally and your "lived" experience with Christ if that makes sense.

The second part above I guess I ask because a few days ago I had a very special kind of moment. I had just finished morning prayers and on my knees I stayed in silence - suddenly experiencing a feeling I had not felt before, a feeling of God's love and peace. I am not trying to analyse that - but I wonder if Priests perhaps have this feeling and are able to connect with God in a special way? I understand Priests/Religious are not superhumans that have God's cellphone number and can 'feel' God on demand... but I'm hoping it makes sense, what I am asking.

Either way, I would appreciate your thoughts :)

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