Priest's research sheds light on lesser-known Holocaust atrocity – mass shootings


Minneapolis Star Tribune: Priest’s research sheds light on lesser-known Holocaust atrocity – mass shootings

This is the story of French Catholic priest Patrick Desbois who has spent the last 15 years tracking down and documenting the killings of Jews outside of concentration camps, estimated to be one-half of the total.

In October 2015, 60 Minutes ran a story on Fr. Desbois’ efforts: The Hidden Holocaust (13:46)


That’s incredible! So there were many more victims than we even imagined.




No, the mass killings committed by the Einsatzgruppen are known, and are included in the estimates of total deaths during the Holocaust. It’s just that these killings haven’t gotten the public attention the way the killings in the death camps and labor camps have.

Father Desbois’s book, “Holocaust by Bullets,” may shed more light on this aspect of the Holocaust, though. Sounds like it might be an interesting read.


This has always been known and WHY is this being publicised? What purpose or good? More bitterness and angst when we need to seek peace


Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

Here is a video by a professor named Jordan Peterson who speaks about how our youth are not being taught about the danger of the Marxist philosophy which brought on these mass murders.


I would imagine when Hitler was in power, anyone caught murdering or harming a Jew, even if they were a regular citizen, probably did not receive any kind of punishment, heck it was likely encouraged, kind of like what is happening in the Philippines right now, president making it known it is OK for people to go out and kill drug users and dealers.


That is largely irrelevant, since it does not even talk about the Holocaust, except to mention in passing that Peterson’s students have heard about the Holocaust, but to his frustration, they do not “know” about communist atrocities. It does not even establish the the Holocaust was influenced by Marxist philosophy.


The Holocaust is much more than Auschwitz. The article discusses the problem of making Auschwitz emblematic of the Holocaust. We need to remember the mass shooting, liquidation of the ghettos, and the Reinhard camps too.

It seems to me that two-bit anti-Semite frauds can use Auschwitz to score points for total Holocaust denial because in the mind of the public, Auschwitz IS the totality of the Holocaust, and therefore, questions about past problems with Auschwitz are seen as problems with the Holocaust as a whole. As you pointed out, it’s “easier” to argue Auschwitz denial. But because of the tendency of scholars to (publicly) use Auschwitz to represent the totality of the Holocaust, it therefore becomes “easier” to deny the entire thing. It would be great if future generations, when encountering those who question Auschwitz in order to deny the Holocaust, could automatically respond by saying “but what about Treblinka and Sobibor and the Minsk Ghetto?” As you pointed out, deniers have a hard time dismissing those things…but the average person is usually not aware enough to bring them up.


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