Priests to purify site after Bush visit


I wonder if they would do the same for Castro?


Bad spirits huh? I wonder if the archaelogical site is a former temple where human sacrifices were done? :rolleyes:


I’m only surprised that some of our priests aren’t out there with them, sprinkling holy water:rolleyes: .


Seriously, the devil is active and since he cannot have human sacrifices anymore in these places, he invented legal abortion, do you live far from one of those places?

May the Lord have mercy on us.




Those priests could make a fortune if they took their act on the road.


The devil invented abortion? Is he like, the Tom Edison of the underworld?


Of course the devil invented abortion since he has been a murderer from the beginning.

But what’s more chilling, he has invented “legal” abortion.(The devil got some help with it though persons who would do his will instead of the will of God.)

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