Priests... Video games?

Can priests play video games? If so what games are permissible? Can they play games like Halo or the PC total war series? For that matter what entertainment media can they not use, obviously excluding sex or drug games. Can they listen to commercial music or play miniature wargames. I was curious and the games I put are my own personal favorites.

I would doubt it is sinful for a priest to play video games, no more than it would for a priest to visit a cinema. Now he would have to be prudent to buy things that do not become near occasions of sin, but that is something binding on all of us.

For that matter what is it like being a priest? What is the work like and is there a salary? How do they live?

It depends. Secular priests are paid a salary, and typically have the cure of souls in a parish, involving such things as saying Mass in the parish church, preaching, supervising the apostolates present in a parish, counseling, hearing confessions, conducting baptisms, marriages and funerals, and visiting sick parishioners to administer the Last Rites. They may acquire and hold property.

Religious priests I know not as to whether they receive a salary; nevertheless, in many respects they might not be able to own property (for example, a Jesuit theoretically does not even own the clothes he wears; it belongs to the Order). They primarily exist to serve the members of their religious community, and then only secondly any layperson. They live in varying extents a communal life, and, with the exception of the Jesuits, are expected to engage in recreation in community.

Of course, as with other matters of this sort, I defer to the religious on this board; Franciscans and Carmelites frequent this board (or at least used to in the latter; he is gravely ill).

you’re best bet is to start getting aquainted with priests you are comfortable with in your area, the wages are not much, the work and or the vocation with in a vocation differs, and their lives are about as varied an normal as anyone you come across, their spiritual lives are what set them apart.

I wonder it will be like when priests my age are assigned to parishes. Maybe we can discuss Super Mario 64. :smiley:

One of my seminary classmates has an x-box - I’ve never paid close attention to his choice of games but like you said, pretty much anything is probably okay except of course sex and drugs. I don’t know of any priests who are gamers - most priests I know (even the younger ones) aren’t of that generation! Plenty of priests listen to commercial music and again, common sense is the only real restriction on their choices (explicit lyrics are probably not advisable…) I don’t know of any priests who play miniature wargames but it wouldn’t surprise me if their are a few lurking out there. Priests get time off just like everyone else and in that time they like to do stuff that other people like to do - such as surfing, going to see movies, fishing, listening to music, etc.

So what’s it like - well ask me in a few years after I’m ordained :smiley: Seriously though, for diocesan priests (that’s priests who mostly live and work in parishes) the work can vary quite a bit. The most obvious things are saying mass and administering the sacraments but in between that there can be a lot of administrative work, as well as pastoral work (like visiting schools, rest homes, hospitals or parishioners). Priests tell me that the work can be challenging at times but that it’s also very fulfilling.

As far as salary goes, well let’s just say I didn’t go into this for the money and Sunday’s off! Diocesan priests do get paid, although not much, and the amount they get can vary between dioceses. In some dioceses, the priests are dependent on the weekly collection, while others receive a regular salary from the diocese and hand over part of the weekly collection. Priests can also receive money for baptisms, funerals and weddings, although not all dioceses allow them to keep what they receive.

Finally, I’m not sure what you mean by “how do they live” but I’ll have a stab at answering anyway. Most diocesan priests I know live either or their own, or with one or two other priests. Their day consists of planned activities and whatever happens to come up during the course of the day (such as sick calls) which can sometimes make for a long day. Other than they eat, they eat, sleep, breathe and do their washing just like the rest of us!

Hope this helps.

God bless you and your coming ordination

You may want to check out this Catholic priest in the Netherlands, Fr Roderick Vonhogen. He’s the CEO of a media organization called SQPN. A geek, an Apple fan, and a video games player. He reviews video games and movies based on Catholic values.

Their website is And he has a popular audio podcast in iTunes called The Break.

God bless and good luck on your ordination.

Same! Hope all goes according to His will!

He’s a game reviewer? Sweet! :slight_smile:


:extrahappy: AMAZING!!!

I could totally see one of the Priests at my Parish playing video games! He can juggle and he went in a dunk tank at the Parish carnival for goodness sake!

Priests I’m not sure but a priest did tell me about some of his experiences with playin video games at simenary. He played call of duty. I can’t help you too much from that cause I don’t know no video games.

I once made a joke about a Ukrainian Greek Catholic deacon playing Final Fantasy IV. :slight_smile:

As long as the games don’t prevent him from doing his every day activities, it shouldn’t be a problem. Priests are human and in addition to being a priest, they all are given different talents and use different methods to relax.

It’s some years away yet, but thank you anyway. Ditto FireFromHeaven and Sowinskija.

If you go on YouTube there’s this guy called arglefumph. He does video game walkthroughs and is a seminarian.

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