Priests wearing a rainbow stole

I was at a mass in which all priests wore their red stoles. In the group one invited priest wore a rainbow colored stole and his stole stood out like a sore thumb. One priest friend rolled his eyes and said to me that this priest was from Hawaii and thus the rainbow. He rolled his eyes as he stated this perhaps knowing the colored stole represents the gay movement. I brought this concern to the Bishops office but never heard back from them. What upset me was the lack of interest in the Diocese of my concern. The Lord knows I tried!:D:mad:

Please don’t jump to conclusions; since he was not from your diocese, maybe no one told him that the red stole was the uniform of the day. The rainbow is a universal symbol of redemption; a promise made to all of humankind.

And you know that a colored stole means support for gays? And you can source that from the Church?

Or is this just your opinion, that because gays use a rainbow, that anyone having anything to do with a rainbow thereby means something about gays?

That makes about as much sense as someone, seeing a green stole, says that means the priest supports the Irish.


For those of you jumping on the OP, can you cite where in Church law / liturgical rubrics a rainbow stole is permitted? Vestments are not personal fashion choices.

Thanx TWF:thumbsup:

I very recently saw a really big rainbow flag hanging on the front of a Catholic church here in Italy.

Good grief, don’t be so picky. Be glad we have our priests, stop being so critical. It was no big deal, mayby he likes bright colors.


Obviously the priest should have been more careful if he didn’t intend to support gay sex, since it no doubt disturbs others besides yourself when they see it–the rainbow insignia having become the flag of support for support for homosexual activity.
I am not surprised the bishop didn’t respond, for it is a case of here today, gone tomorrow. The priest seems to have been just visiting. But perhaps too you didn’t provide evidence this actually happened, which can be important when making a complaint to your bishop, if you choose to do this.

Linus2nd, I like bright colors myself and the rainbow but I’m afraid the poor rainbow has taken a turn for the worse. The rainbow stole shouldn’t be use for solemn ceremonies it’s in the rubrics. Fashionable statements are not acceptable. No sequences, ribbons, and gaudy styles are acceptable. Fashionable should be left for Liberace

It is very common for priest that are from the Antilles or for AFrOantillian priest to wear rainbow stoles because tthose are the typical colors of the afro antillian people (and for those wondering the local bishops on local liturgies in many countries in central america and the Caribbean allow this) hence the rainbow stole. You mention that this priest is from Hawaii it may be pretty much the same. I think this is a perfect example how the gay activism has appropriates one simbol or color …the rainbow and its colors…and now no one despite their culture can have anything to do with rainbow colors. If you ask me I think Christians should retake the simbol of the rainbow (what it actually means is the covenant of God with humanity) and not let situations like this happen because we are pretty much falling into their game.

I’ll echo what other posters have said here. While the gay pride flag does feature rainbow stripes it is not a symbol solely belonging to the LGB nor their only one, the rainbow being a far older symbol of a divine promise long before that.

Also, rainbow stoles are fairly common amongst African, Hawaiian and Polynesian congregations. I couldn’t tell you for sure why but I belive it is a cultural motiff.

The rainbow, as a symbol, goes back to the time of Noah and God’s promise that He would not use a world-wide flood again to distroy humankindl :slight_smile:

I admit my cultural ignorance, however I do recall that the University of Hawaii football team is known as the the Rainbow Warriors (much as the University of Alabama team is known as the Crimson Tide.)

In Italy and all over the world, the rainbow is the international symbol for peace. Why should the OP be mad that a priest was wearing a symbol of peace? :shrug:

I would stick to the Liturgical season. If they were celebrating Good Friday, Pentecost or a martyr’s day,
you must wear red.

It is on the guidelines for the Liturgy.

The OP is mad because it was a solemn event and the stole was visibly distracting. I lost focus on the Mass itself. MDGSpencer. I agree

Ah! Facinating :smiley: Thank you, I had no idea about that

Because Hawaii is in the tropics, rain showers, and thus, rainbows, are very common, and thus part of the indigenous culture and mythology. In addition to the U of H being the Rainbows/Rainbow Warriors, their license plates are white with rainbows on them.

Quoted again, still waiting for an answer.

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