Priests who seduce women into tacky "love" affairs...who wants to be a saint or a tool?


I was quite devastated to learn that some priests seduce women into “love” affairs aka be a tacky tool. After witnessing some shameful behavior of a women who had been seduced by a priest and remembering a friend who said she dated a priest for a while I thought wow how often do priest try to seduce women…after googling I found that some even seduce married women…geesh…that is bad on so many levels, it’s just plain sin-stupid. These poor women think they are the only one…so self-centered that they could not conceive that these priest do this to other women (possibly children or men also)… just another tacky tool. I am sure that some priest actually think that they love these women but to lead someone to sin is hate…get real love people.

For priests who are not devoid of real love but stay chase, may God continue to bless you more in His grace and love of the Father. Trust in the Holy Spirit of Jesus and enjoy the fruits of the Holy Spirit. When I first came to the Church I prayed for the priests out of love and hope in their amazing devotion to God…I have since come to pray more out of grief…It seems easier to find priests who are not caring or live in sin than to find those who are true loving and faithful servants.

I pray for priests everyday…especially those who are prone to leading others to sin instead of God’s love. I keep a prayer card to remind me to pray for the priests on my desk everyday. I pray for you as I pray for my own children, everyday. I ask for the intercession of Saint Maria Gorretti for chastity not stupidity. Hate sin and love what is good. May God help us, in Jesus, amen.


I have no doubt that this happens sometimes. I hear about it on the news.

I never had it happen to me.


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