priest's words

Just in general, is it ok to think something a priest suggested might not be the right interpretation of something?
I am talking especially about personal things, for example if a priest gives an interpretation of why I might feel a certain way.
Is it ok to even think he might not have understood it right?
And would it be even ok to think, no, I think this is different in my situation?



Not sure what you’re asking. If anyone is unclear on what they say, priest or not, if it’s addressed to you either in a personal manner or as, say, a member of a congregation listening to a homily, you have the “right” to ask for a clarification of what exactly did or do they mean or meant.

It was during a personal conversation.
I told him about fears/scruples I had.
What if he gave me an interpretation that I think might not be it in my case? is it ok to think that?

I sent him an e-mail, explaining hwat confused me.

I am just wondering if it is ok to doubt something a priest said, in general.

Absolutely!! A priest is not the end all, it is healthy to question.

Only you know how you feel. If someone misunderstands, by all means make corrections!

Yes, it is OK to second guess what a priest has told you. In my short life, I have had encounters with many, many ill-informed priests in the confessional, homilizing at Masses, in personal conversations, etc.

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