"Priestville" Game on Facebook

There’s a new application game on Facebook called “PriestVille”. It has received a lot of great reviews from the 800 or so members of Facebook who have installed and tried it out.

Here is their homepage:


**About PriestVille **
PriestVille is a game but also a tool for learning a bit about Catholicism and the life of a Priest.

This is an early Beta of the game, and so we appreciate any feedback or suggestions you have for improving it!.

**About SGR Games LLC **
PriestVille is the first product from SGR Games LLC.

SGR is named after Saint Genesius of Rome…

[Here’s a link to an article on the life of St. Genesius:

I just signed up. I’ll give it a whirl.

They want me to pay real money to buy gold coins to help me in the game.

I’ll pass. Application uninstalled, and blocked.

That was an annoyance with FarmVille as well - that players had to shell out money to expand their farms. I understand that this app gives out 10 token coins for completing a survey of beliefs, and I’m generally opposed to nosey survey-takers.

Apart from the necessary commercial aspect of the game, I’m curious how well it presents the faith. One person returned to Mass after playing the game, according to the reviews.

Without knowing much about the game, the idea that a person can advance in position within the Church is disturbing. An Ordinary is motivated by service and obedience, not advancement and prestige. Perhaps the gold coins to be gained represent treasure stored up in heaven . . . ?

The funny thing about Facebook games (FarmVille, etc.) is that you don’t HAVE to shell out large amounts of money to play or advance-- in time a player can build up points/game coins by completing levels. It’s a very slow process but it is very possible to advance through the games without paying anything. It takes a lot of patience. I was curious about Priestville so I started playing it-- It’s really not difficult and it does give a small amount of insight to individuals who may not be familiar with the Catholic faith or priestly duties.

I do think the average Catholic would already know a great deal about priestly duties so this game would get boring fairly quickly, as none of the information is new.

I have advanced in the game without paying anything but, as I’ve mentioned, it has taken time. This isn’t a game that I’d be willing to invest a lot of my free time in-- since I’d much rather be in the real presence of God and spend that time at church in prayer-- but for those times when I’m sitting around waiting for my kids to finish eating or getting ready to leave I’ll play a few minutes here and there.

I think this would be a better game if it contained more scripture, but that’s just me. I was amused at their “Online Confessional” link that advises the gamer to visit their local parish to confess. This isn’t an all around horrible game and I’m thankful that this wasn’t another one of those “let’s mock the church and priests” games that seem to be rampant over the internet.


I like the Priestville Game - I think there should be more variety on the parishes, it seems like it will be relatively easy to get to St. Peter’s Basillica and then what’s next?? You’re done…also I think that the gold coins should be more easily accessible as well - maybe getting some from the parishioners from the collections, also have things to spend it on, like repairing the roof, replacing the A/C, building a school…so it’s not just you’re getting gold to get more energy and brain power -etc… I don’t agree with having to pay for them or take weird surveys and basically “sell” your info to spammers. So, those are my thoughts…

I believe this application to be offensive and belittling of the Priestly Vocation.

Pope John Paul II warned of this sort of relativism.

I’m surprised this site would suggest that this application is some sort of harmless fun or even worse a learning tool.

Le Meas,

Dublin, Ireland.

I will not judge the game without a fair hearing. If, as I think is the case, the only way to progress is to challenge other priests, it will be a short test.

I will post later on what I think.

I made a facebook account just to check it out. From a game design perspective, I think they tried to put priestly themes into an existing framework, rather than building gameplay around the experience of being a priest. Though you can perform a great variety of duties like baptism, stations of the cross, or celebrating palm sunday mass, all of these actions boil down to clicking a button that says “do it,” and then it’s instantly done.

I don’t think it’s offensive or blasphemous, it’s just not very fun. :frowning:

The OP has no obvious affiliation with CA, and is clearly just mentioning that the game exists.

I don’t believe that merely leaving this thread up (ie: not deleting it) constitutes suggesting using the game, therefore isn’t guilty of “relativism”.

@darndale - what about the game is offensive and belittling of the Priestly Vocation? Have you played the game?

I kind of got the same impression. I think such a game could be made decent. I would include saying online rosaries and the divine office as a way of making headway. :smiley: Why not glean some good?

I am surprised it would Mention, Promote, Advertise or associate itself with such an application that reduces the Blessed Sacraments to a ‘Game’.

It is remarkable how you have relativised your argument in an effort to portray that there is no problem here.

My point remains- that games such as this one are offensive and have no purpose other than to distract people from the True Sacraments.


Do you think I would post a comment without playing the game?

Should other people pass judgments, too, and claim that your use of a PC is ‘offensive’ and has no other purpose than to ‘distract people from the True Sacraments’? One person stated that she returned to the Church after playing this game, and I’m not certain how many people can make the same claim based on your internet forum postings.

Please ping me when people actually start to claim that they fulfilled their Sunday obligation by playing PriestVille. :shrug:

I don’t think anyone else thinks it is a problem. I am sorry you find it offense and it distracts you from the Sacraments. I don’t think it has distracted anyone else from actually attending Mass.

FYI - My son has even played priest. I think they also sell play kits to play priest.

Why am I being personally attacked for defending the (our presumably) Catholic Faith.

You don’t truly believe this??

Do you remember the date and time that you reported the OP using the little triangle icon in the upper right?

What did the moderator on this forum reply with after you sent them a message that this game is guilty of something? If you can’t post that reply, when did you send the PM to the mod, and when did the reply come in?

Nobody in the crowd saw it a problem either when they freed Barabbas?

I never claimed it distracted me? I said it is a distraction.

I never claimed this either. It is the mockery of the sacraments and the belittling of the Priestly Vocation that I take offence with.

You can be certain that the manufacturers and wholesalers of these products are not in Communion with the Catholic Church and neither would any person be that would corrupt a child by allowing them to have these products. It would be far better if your child read his Catechism.

I don’t understand your question- or why your asking it?

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