Primacy of charity = Primacy of Honor?

I have been keeping my finger on the pulse of catholic-orthodox relations, due to me debating converting to orthodoxy (But I have surrendered to to will of God on this, If he tells me to convert I will, If he tells me to stay, I will stay, but that is different), Yesterday my Dad (Who has been VERY supportive of me in my discernment Shout out to you Old man!) sent me an article from EWTN,

In the article, it made several references to the church of Rome having a “Primacy of Charity” over all churches, could that be taken as the church of Rome having the primacy of honor, that the orthodox said that the church of Rome always had until the schism of 1054 when Constantinople took over a the “First among Equals”.

So my question is, dose the church of Rome have the primacy of Charity/Honor over all churches?

Thank you my Brothers and Sisters!

I pray to Our Lady Of Vladimir (The Mother of Tenderness) Every night for the unity of all people, not just the Catholic and the Orthodox, But all Christians, so that we may all come to one Alter to worship as one!


OK, you’re gonna need to explain to us how Constantinople “took over” anything in the Great Schism. The Latin Church never considered the Pope as “first among equals,” so there was really nothing for the Orthodox to “take over.” East and West went separate ways, and the East (Constantinople) claimed for itself the title of Primus inter pares, which was a title never claimed by the Pope (and is not claimed by the Pope today). Sure, Constantinople can claim whatever title it wants (super-dooper-Patriarch), as long as nobody else has ever claimed the title.

The title was made up. It wasn’t “taken over.” It was made up.

(FWIW, the Anglican Communion also claims this “made up” title for the Archbishop of Canterbury, “First among Equals” (when the actual legal head of the Anglican Church (Church of England) is Queen Elizabeth-2).

I think my real question got lost in the chatter and lead to confusion. (My bad)

Here is the core of my question, Dose the ‘Primacy of Charity’ that the roman church has over all churches also mean that the church has a ‘Primacy of Honor’?

Western Catholicism does not recognize ‘Primacy of Charity/Honor’ as definitive (meaning they define something) titles. They are honorific titles and don’t really mean anything.

Rome recognizes only one definitive form of primacy: complete, absolute, and irreformable. All primacy (“prime” meaning “one guy”) subsists in the Bishop of Rome, and it is not subdivided or shared with other Sees. The Bishop of Rome is not, and never has been, first among equals—he is first (prime), PERIOD.

I see, thank you answering my question my Brothers (or Sisters)

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