Primary Reasons for People Becoming Orthodox?

What is the primary motivation for those born as Catholic to become Orthodox? I’m primarily thinking of those baptized and raised in the Roman Rite of the Church.

Is it a loss of the sense of the Sacred since Vatican II in the Western Church?
Dissatisfaction with the way the abuse crisis was handled?

God Bless.

This is the Eastern Catholic sub-forum.

I think the best place to ask this question would be either in the Non-Catholic sub-forum here at CA or, even better yet, at an Orthodox forum.

I am sure though that this is a very personal question and you might not get full or truthful answers. It is a personal thing and reasons will vary by the individual.

You should check out an Orthodox library or bookstore.


Hmmm, that is the reason why I have stayed Catholic.

Translated… prettier ‘team-shirt’… :wink:

Amen. :signofcross:

I second that- Truth.

… you have some brass ones! :mad:

And you don’t?:shrug:

ByzCath- did the OP ask a question or did he not? I don’t recall anyone asking for snide commentary which questions the sincerity of a poster.

Yet your snide comments are okay?

An answer like “Truth” can be viewed as a snide reply.

I meant that I believe the Orthodox Church to be the one true Church. I don’t expect you to believe that or you’d belong to it. I simply noticed that it wasn’t among the examples offered by the OP. My conversion had nothing to do with a loss of the sacred after Vatican II, nor the sex abuse scandal, nor marriage. I only seconded someone else’s sentiment. :smiley:

Me too! 真相 This was not about liturgy, scandals, team shirts or anything else mentioned.

Nothing so superficial.

(I think that this thread is in the wrong place.)


The Western Church still has the TLM. How the abuse crisis was handled wasn’t a big issue for me, although I think the Latin hierarchy could have handled it much better.

The Orthodox in the US have the very same abuse & abuse coverup issues… and handled it almost as poorly… but missed mainstream press notice mostly due to being an trivial fraction of the overall US population.


More bling (often to a ridiculous level) and distinctly different team shirts by geographic/state church…

A review of ecclesial history would show you just how laughable of a statement yours is…

Did not know about this. While of course I won’t judge an Orthodox Christian differently, it does shed some light upon this. One thing I’ve thought when thinking about converting to Orthodoxy was the idea that the Orthodox Church doesn’t have any clergy abuse problems. I guess I was wrong.

Could you be more obnoxious if you tried?
I’d rather be a heretic that speak to someone with the voice of a Pharisee.

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