Primary school to introduce gender neutral school uniform policy

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What’s the big deal?

I suspect the main difference will be some girls (identifying as girls still) will come to school in trousers and jumper.

There isn’t one, and considering the physical activities of your average primary school kid, I think getting rid of the skirts (which often also get too short awfully quickly as children grow) is long long overdue.

I suppose there will be one or two boys who must come to school in a skirt and will be the topic of the next news story.


Give them all pants with elastic – no zippers. Since both genders wear pants, that would eliminate the last vestige of “gender” clothing


No big deal for the clothing. It’s the toilets and pronoun police that’s a bit concerning.

I didn’t read anything about pronouns In the article.

Single use bathrooms much better than cubicles. I remember going to the toilet was awful at school - no privacy.

Bnt I’m really not expecting an avalanche of transgenderism because girls are wearing trousers to school.

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It’s a kilt.
Not a skirt.

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If the boys regard it as a “kilt” or a “men in skirts” thing, it’s not trans-anything. It’s just a guy in a kilt or skirt or whatever he wants to call it.
I’ve known a lot of straight guys in more hipster areas who loved their Utilikilts and the like.

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Read the 13th paragraph.

How you get around wearing a skirt…

thick Scottish accent

“What if people take the piss out of me for wearing a skirt?”

“I’ve thought of that too. I’ve put a knife in yer sock”.

Kilts are worn in Ireland as well as Scotland but if it is more uncommon and usually you’d find them being worn by particular people like the army’s band or something like that and not in daily usage. I expect in reality the school will just go on like normal and some girls will probably wear trousers instead of skirts and that will be about it.


So sorry, I actually missed that tiny little comment. It’s hardly pronoun police.

They can turn up wearing this rig-out :slight_smile:


I’ve only ever seen them for special occasions. Like a wedding.

Although the groundskeeper in Monarch of the Glen was really fond of his on an everyday basis. :wink:

I don’t know what the toilets are like in Europe, but a solution could be single bathrooms. In some of the schools I taught at (including the last one) we moved to this to cut down on bullying that occurs in the bathrooms between students (no teachers to witness). It also cut down on the “urgent” trips to the bathroom that included wandering the halls for 30 mins. And it ensured we knew where the students were in case of an emergency.

The set up was simple. The classrooms were grouped in a way that allowed for two classrooms to share two single stall toilets. The sinks were in the “hall way” between the two toilets. That way students could easily wash hands before lunch even if the bathrooms were occupied.

When I first started teaching, only the pre k and k classrooms were like this, but eventually the entire school did this. I know older schools may not have the funds to do that, but I highly recommend for new schools being built a set up similar to this. With the transgender debate, bullying, and school lockdowns, large communal bathrooms need to go.

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Yes this exactly. Single use bathrooms are really the best way to go. Privacy doesn’t bother some kids, but there are some that it bothers so much they develop health problems from holding it too long. As a teacher I think more about the convenience and safety, but privacy is important too.

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There is a Coca Cola employee in Atlanta that frequently wears kilts. I’ve found that when I mention “the man in the kilt” for other people that have seen one we are generally talking about the same man.

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