Primetime Live Tonight Is About Marion Apparations

Primetime Live on ABC tonight at 10pm EST is doing a show on Marian apparitions. This looks like it could be interesting although I am somewhat skeptical considering the source of the broadcast. Here is the description of the tv show:

Correspondent Bill Weir investigates reports of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Champion, Wisconsin, and a Passaic NJ tree stump as well as in Fatima, Portugal, Medjugorie, Bosnia-Herzgovina, Kibeho, Rawanda and Nazareth, Israel

I am too interested in how they present it. Hopefully I can find it online afterwards as I cannot watch it when it airs. I hope it’s a fair presentation and am looking forward to seeing what others think of it.

I’m hoping to see a even handed approach to the topic. Let’s keep our finger’s crossed.

Cool, I am new to all of this- I too hope it is a fair treatment given it is ABC News but looking to learn some more.


I will watch it .However, I worry as to what spin the media may put on it .Thanks for posting this .

I am very interested! I have been to the Our lady of good help in Champion-I live about 45-50 minutes from there. They also interviewed Fr. Donald Calloway. If you have never heard his story ( I saw it on DVD- Extreme Mercy it is called) it is worth watching the DVD. I bought the book AFTER seeing the DVD and the book was a hard read. Listening to him tell the story was much better :slight_smile:

I am worried as they seem to be lumping approved an unapproved (not sure if any of them have been out right condemned yet) apparitions.

And my worries were justified.

Spent most of the show on an unapproved apparition.

Shoot! I have it taped, haven’t seen it yet…

That is unfortunate, but as you noted, perhaps not unexpected. The unapproved apparitions make for controversy, and controversy makes for good ratings. I’m pretty sure that this episode will be making more appearances, whether online or on air.

But did the show sensationalize the topic? Was it accurate? Was it positive or at least neutral? Those are my big concerns.

I thought it was very misleading when they interviewed the Mariologist from Steubenville and he claimed Medujgorie was on the way to being approved by the Church. It was almost as if the producers went out of their way to find a viewpoint counter to what the Church has already said on Medujgorie even though they did briefly mention that it was not an approved apparition.

Nightline had a piece on Consecrated Lay Virgins. I don’t think they did a very thorough job with it-if you didn’t have any background on this vocation already you would probably be left scratching your head after the piece aired.

Watching it now as I had to tape it. Liking it so far. But then again, I don’t get caught up in all the “rules” and legalities of it. I’m more inspired by the faith of thousands and the beautiful fruit it produces.

What about the rotten fruit?

I was pretty disappointed.

My first inkling was early on when he didn’t pronounce Guadalupe correctly. I even said out loud - “oh, oh, here we go”.

I didn’t care that they spent so much time on unapproved apparitions. I didn’t care for the person who questioned the virgin birth nor the other person who questioned the number of children Mary had. I really hated how for a while his mantra seemed to be “there is no proof” as if the argument was then settled, as if there were newspaper back them to report on facts. I didn’t care for the set-up of the little boy in Wisconsin. They go on and on about it and then spend 10 seconds w/ the doctor who says - I gave him medicine and it did his job. I didn’t care for how a couple times they said ‘it doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not because they’re coming anyway’

It wasn’t anti Catholic in tone at all, I believe.
It showed many people of faith, practiing their faith.

They did say that Medjugorje was not an approved site, as of yet.

I was interested in the newly approved site in the United States. That was interesting.

On the whole, it was a pretty positive piece for prime time TV, which I almost never watch. And with all the controversy in our church right now with other things, I was happy to watch something that had people praying the rosary, smiling and lighting candles. Maybe my rose-colored glasses were on, but… after reading this morning about a sex-scandal in one of our local Catholic high schools, and then an “interesting” Mass held recently in Boston, and then another scandal in Ireland, I just needed to see and hear some good news. And seeing scads of Catholics praying the rosary, well, made me feel like there is a little hope in that darkness I felt this morning.

What are ya gonna do? :shrug:

To me, the good outweighs the bad. I went in to the show with an open and positive mind. I didn’t go in looking for the bad.

And to me, it really doesn’t matter that someone out there wonders about the number of children Mary might have had or if she was a virgin. If I’m being honest, I wonder about it too, sometimes.

But to me, that doesn’t take away from all the wonderful people there, sharing their faith, sharing and showing love, being one in their faith. I throughly enjoyed the show and how to one day be able to travel there, too. :slight_smile:

I take issue with all those who say this was a fair and balanced report.

First off, I agree with the questions of “how many children Mary had” and “was she really Immaculate”, then asking “where’s the proof”. As if…

Then spending most the show on an unapproved apparition when there are approved ones that have a great following and turn out at the apparition site like Lourdes (a lot of cures there too).

Also disliked their attempt at debunking the newly approved one in Wisconsin with the doctor, spending so little time on it with just a comment on the medicine given.

Second, since they spent so much time on Mej. why not tell of the dissent that has gone on there and the suspended priests. They made one of the parish priests sound very bad saying that he was against it because his church was empty because everyone was going to the apparition site. If this was true, that people where skipping Mass (even a week day Mass) to go to an alleged apparition rather than spending time in front of the real presence of Christ, then the priest was right IMHO.

For those who say the show was not anti-catholic I point you to the questions about the virginity of Mary and her Immaculate Conception.

I should just drop it because we will never see eye to eye on this one. But, Im quite the opinionated girl and I will never learn to keep my mouth shut. Lol :stuck_out_tongue: As I’ve said before, the regulations and rules aren’t what sustain my faith in God. It just isn’t. I dont have a death grip on them.

Did Mary have 2 children? So what if she did? Is that a horrible thing? Knowing or not knowing doesn’t make my faith waver in the least. I guess this is why I don’t see the big deal about Catholics who are so up in arms about the Davinci Code. Yes, it is pure entertainment, not meant to be a religious statement, but what IF Jesus had a wife? Would that be a horrible thing to have Jesus experience the sacrament of marriage?

Not saying that I believe He was married or that I believe that Mary had 2, 4 or 20 kids. I just don’t think about it. Makes no difference to me whatsoever.

Its not about “regulations and rules”. Its about actual Teachings of the Catholic Church, its about the Faith.

You are right, there is no use in discussing things with someone who does not care about what the Church Teaches.

I know that was meant to be an insult towards me but unfortunately for you, it doesn’t bother me in the least. My faith in God is mighty strong. True, I am working on other areas of faith, but no TV show will be taken so seriously by me that it will change my faith or make me upset at the world.

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