Prince Charles 'compared Russian actions to Nazis'


Its front page in the main newspapers in the UK…In Canada Prince Charles met a Polish Jewish lady who had fled with her family from Danzig in 1939 just before the German Army swept in, however some of her relatives died in the Holocaust. It was then, after hearing her story, that he made the comment. The woman agreed with him, incidentally…

BBC - Prince Charles 'compared Russian actions to Nazis’

**A former Polish war refugee who met Prince Charles in Canada has said he likened some Nazi actions in Europe to those of Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

Marienne Ferguson was speaking after meeting Prince Charles at a Nova Scotia immigration museum where she works.

As they discussed Hitler’s takeover of countries, the prince “said something to the effect of ‘it’s not unlike… what Putin is doing,’” she recalled.

Clarence House said it would not comment on a private conversation.

The prince is due to meet the Russian president for D-Day anniversary celebrations in France next month.**

On Monday, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall visited Pier 21, Canada’s national immigration museum, during their four-day tour of Canada.

It was, Marienne Ferguson told the BBC, “just a little remark. I didn’t think it was going to make such a big uproar”.

It has had significant ramifications because it was uttered by a man who will one day be head of state.

The British monarchy is in a period of subtle transition. Prince Charles is, slowly, taking on more of his 88-year-old mother’s workload. As a result, there’s a renewed focus on the type of king he will become.

Privately, Charles - a passionate prince - probably won’t be too bothered he’s highlighted the actions of President Putin.

Others at Buckingham Palace and the Foreign Office are likely to be less sanguine.

And his critics - he has plenty for a person who’ll one day occupy a unifying role - will see this as yet another example of an unelected hereditary heir meddling when he shouldn’t.

The prince chatted to Ms Ferguson, who left Poland for Canada just prior to the Nazi occupation, and some of whose family died in concentration camps.

“He [Charles] asked when I came to Canada, I told him 1939,” said Ms Ferguson.

"He made the remark that now Putin is doing some of the same things that Hitler was doing.

“I agreed - you know, he is taking countries the same as Hitler did.”

BBC Royal correspondent Peter Hunt commented: "This was an unplanned foray into a vexed international issue.

“Charles’s supporters will argue his views are in tune with those who’ve been appalled by the Russian President’s actions in Ukraine. His critics believe an unelected future head of state should be seen and not heard.”

The Russian president has been widely condemned since he annexed Crimea from Ukraine in March.

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made the same comparison between Mr Putin and Hitler in March, when Russia began issuing passports to Ukrainian citizens.

“Now if this sounds familiar, it’s what Hitler did back in the '30s,” she said.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg defended the prince over his comments.

He said there was nothing wrong with him having views and expressing them, particularly in private, and said it was unrealistic to expect members of the Royal Family not to have opinions.

Mr Clegg told BBC Radio 5 live: “I certainly support his right to speak freely, particularly in conversations that are private.”

Prince Charles has previously faced criticism at Westminster over his so-called “black spider” memos expressing his views on controversial issues to ministers.


From the Daily Mail:

**EXCLUSIVE: ‘Putin is behaving just like Hitler’, says Charles. Prince’s controversial verdict on Russian leader’s invasion of Ukraine

Prince Charles likened Putin’s behaviour in Ukraine to that of Hitler
Royal made comment to a Jewish woman who fled Holocaust
He said: 'And now Putin is doing just about the same as Hitler’
Prince Charles and Camilla are on a short Royal tour of Canada

Prince Charles has sensationally likened Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler.

In a withering verdict on the actions of the Russian president in Ukraine, he told a woman who lost relatives in the Nazi Holocaust: ‘And now Putin is doing just about the same as Hitler.’**

The prince’s extraordinary intervention is certain to cause international controversy.

It is likely to be seen as a criticism of the West for failing to confront Mr Putin over his seizure of Crimea. The annexation was the first by a major power in Europe since 1945.

Observers have compared the crisis in Ukraine with Hitler’s takeovers of Czechoslovakia and Poland.

They have pointed to the similar use of disguised special forces to stir up tensions in disputed areas.

**Charles, who is scheduled to meet Mr Putin at the D-Day commemorations in France on June 6, made his well-intentioned but unguarded comment during a visit to the Canadian Museum of Immigration in Halifax, Nova Scotia. **

The prince is on a whistlestop tour of Canada with the Duchess of Cornwall – they have 41 engagements in just three and a half days.

**On Monday, the pair paid a heartfelt tribute to Second World War veterans and their families over tea at the museum in Halifax’s docks.

He was introduced to Marienne Ferguson, a museum volunteer who fled to Canada with her Jewish family when she was just 13.

The 78-year-old was born in what is now the Polish city of Gdansk, a key flashpoint in the Second World War.

A free city under the terms of the Versailles Treaty after the end of the Great War, it was seized by the Nazis on the first day of fighting in 1939.

Mrs Ferguson and her parents, two sisters and grandmother had managed to obtain permits to sail to Canada. But other members of her family failed to flee before the German army arrived.

Along with an estimated six hundred Jews from the city, they were sent to Nazi camps where they met their deaths.

Mrs Ferguson was given the chance to tell her incredible story to Charles as she showed him the museum’s exhibits.

At the end of the visit, and surrounded by media, Charles made his off-the-cuff comment about the situation in Ukraine.

It was heard by several witnesses. Mother-of-three Mrs Ferguson said: ‘I had finished showing him the exhibit and talked with him about my own family background and how I came to Canada.

‘The prince then said “And now Putin is doing just about the same as Hitler”.

‘I must say that I agree with him and am sure a lot of people do. I was very surprised that he made the comment as I know they [members of the Royal Family] aren’t meant to say these things but it was very heartfelt and honest.
‘I told the prince that while my family and I were lucky to get a permit to travel, many of my other relatives had permits but were unable to get out before war broke out on September 1. They were sent to the concentration camps and died.’**

Former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton sparked uproar in Washington recently when she said very much the same as the heir to the throne. Lashing out at Moscow’s plan to issue passports to ethnic Russians in Crimea, she said: ‘Now, if this sounds familiar, it’s what Hitler did back in the 1930s.’

What is unusual, however, is for a senior royal to express an opinion publicly on such a clearly sensitive diplomatic issue.

Charles is often criticised for meddling in domestic affairs of state as well as the infamous ‘black spider’ memos – so called because of his scrawling handwriting – that he is said to frequently write to ministers on issues close to his heart. But international issues, particularly one as sensitive as this, are considered taboo.

A spokesman for Clarence House said last night they would not comment on a private conversation

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I would guess that what he had in mind is the strategic use of ethnic Russians in Ukraine as proxy actors for Russia giving the Russian state the excuse to annexe Ukrainian territory. Germany did something similar with ethnic Germans in the Sudetenland and Poland. Saying that Putin is deploying a method pioneered by the Nazi’s is not the same as saying that Putin is a Nazi. After all Hitler also pioneered using broadcast media and criss-crossing the country by aeroplane during an election campaign. In that sense Sarah Palin is like Hitler but so what?


Prince Charles seem to behave like a moron who does not know history
May be he shud look at this pic before criticising Russians

Britian had colonies all around the world and exploited million of people for centuries.which lasted even to the 2nd half of the 20th century…GB was called the Empire where the sun never sets due to its colonies which were spread all over the globe…How can Mr.Charles forget that and be so concerned about Russia trying to assert its superiority over it’ s neighbour Ukraine.

Request to the thread started-Please don’t glorify imperialistic people like Mr.Charles.
PS:I am from a country which was a British colony for ages

Will Great Britian ever pay compensation to all the damages and atrocities they did in the past to their colonies(just like the way the catholic church pay compensation to the victims of sex abuse…)?

PS:Sorry for the inflammatory post.But the original post is equally inflammatory


The ‘subjects’ disagree.

*Bournemouth, moments ago
I used to be proud of my country, but these days we connive with dishonesty. The truth is that Ukraine is a country we hardly mentioned until recently, when suddenly and sickeningly we refer to them as if they were a well known neighbour; they aren’t. Russia annexed Crimea into Ukraine when they were all part of the Soviet Union and it made no effective difference. The attempt to surround Russia with NATO missiles was never going to be popular with Russia, nor the attempt to insert an unelected US puppet president. We are-shamefully- the aggressor, and a hypocritical untruthful one at that. I hate it but that is the truth.

Kingdom, 16 minutes ago

It would seem the rotten Establishment¿s war mongering mass media propaganda machine has been successful with this silly and very gullible individual at least. It is fortunate indeed that no-one ever takes any notice of him. He talks to plants you know. They don¿t take any notice of him either.

ian poolton, birmingham, 17 minutes ago

Well why are the Americans involving themselves in Ukraine.That’s why the Russians have sent ships down the English channel!

Augustus, Gosport, United Kingdom, 17 minutes ago

As we say in Scotland, ca’ canny Charles. Politically-charged remarks are a slippery slope for our Monarchy, especially when it is seen out of step with majority public opinion. That would imperil the very institution itself. Right this time, but for the future, let him keep mouth shut and his opinions behind family closed doors.

Scotty, Cambridge, 18 minutes ago

Putin may not be everybody’s hero but I’d bet the Hanza family would not be living in style paid for by the Russian taxpayers.

WhyIVote, UKIP, United Kingdom, 19 minutes ago

This is very worrying, Charles should remain independent on political matters its not his place! Its why we have a government, luckily not many people will listen to him.

Albo, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 19 minutes ago

This scrounging pea-brain will be the reason the royal family come down. Roll on that glorious day.

cm, southampton, 26 minutes ago

When will this benefit scrounger realise it’s better to be thought a fool than open his mouth and remove all doubt

Shults99, Tyumen, Russia, 34 minutes ago*

I think that Russia, as a son of the unloved, the U.S. … :slight_smile: But I believe that the time will come when the country has participated in more than 150 armed conflicts in the 2nd century will behave more modest. (GglTranslate)

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Possibly someone could point out the differences between the Nazi regime and that of Putin and his allies in Russia. Well, one does have to admit, however reluctantly, that the Nazis did improve the economic condition of the average German up until the Nazi armed aggressions. Putin’s government seems to have skipped that stage, and perhaps that’s a crucial difference.

But again, someone will undoubtedly demonstrate in a scholarly way how the Nazi regime differed from that of Putin’s group.


Prince Who?

Another Nazi comparison. Points for originality.:rolleyes:


He only has 9 subjects, who knew? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, the British were imperialistic, however, so was Russia, and the issue here is that Russia annexed Crimea, and may be in the process of taking over more territory which belongs to the Ukraine.


I found it kind of heartening that he found the courage to express his opinion. Do they still have royal food tasters in the UK?


Brit imperialism was a mixed bag. Hard to justify a great deal of it, though here and there it probably had some good effects like ending Suttee in India, building the railroad system, introducing democratic concepts and English law, ending the rule of some of the local despots and warlords.

That was, of course, an age of imperialism, and it was thought beneficial to all participants by those on the acquiring end, however terrible some of it was on the receiving end. The western imperialists focused their efforts on distant foreigners. The German and Russian imperialists focused their efforts on foreigners nearer to hand.

That age has passed except with Russia which, having been shorn of most of its empire in the late 20th Century, is now engaging in imperialism again, acquiring dominion over foreigners in the lands of the latter.

Being of mostly Irish descent, I grew up hearing my Irish grandmother’s complaints about the British, and didn’t doubt them. Northern Ireland is a tough issue, though, inasmuch as there are many there who would prefer the rule of England to that of the Republic of Ireland. And, too, many in Northern Ireland are not really “Irish” in the sense that the average ROI person is, being largely the descendants of Scots and “borderers”, many of whom didn’t volunteer for the role.

Understanding that invoking Nazism or Hitler is frowned upon by some, ridiculed by others, one still has to recognize that, in acquiring part of Ukraine, Putin is acting in a comparable fashion. Acquisition of Crimea and the ongoing acquisition of eastern Ukraine really is comparable to the German acquisition of the Sudetenland.

I have never thought of Prince Charles as a font of wisdom, but even a dull man can often see the obvious.




Is he calling himself a Nazi because the way the British behaved in every country was just like what Russia is now doing except not on the scale as the British, how they behaved in Ireland was nothing short of worse than Nazi’s, if you ever see the films "Michael Collins and other films it would give one an idea of living under British Rule in Southern Ireland.
My friend’s mother is 100 this August and the things she tells me would make your hair turn white, I don’t know how they acted in America before you got Independence, but Prince Charles should first apologise to the Irish Government and stop making such remarks when the British themselves acted like Barbarians. The threw the Irish of the land, shot and killed at random, tried to change Irish people to be Anglicans by hell and high water, and killed every priest that came into the Country. And that is for starters.


Tu quoque


So glad the Prince is showing some backbone.
Whether his comparison is apt or not, at least he’s expressing what he sees is the horrifying way Putin is treating people–in other countries and in his own, too.



No that is done away with, along with the King being able to cut his subjects head off which they did a lot also. If you fell foul of the King, it was off with his/her head.


In saying he would send the Irish Catholics “to hell or Cannaught”, at least Cromwell allowed them Connaught. Hitler gave the Jews death only, with no Connaught. It’s a stretch to say the Brits in Ireland were worse than the Nazis.

Not defending the Brits vis a vis the Irish here. But one certainly can’t compare Brit relations with Ireland today with that of the Nazis during their era.


Prince Charles doesn’t determine current UK policy and he certainly can’t change the past.

He can reasonably be expected to speak regarding his country’s interest and his personal observations about the world. Given his minimal influence, I wouldn’t attach any more weight to his opinions than I would, say, to the great-great-grandchild of Woodrow Wilson.


Maybe you missed the invasion of Poland by Hitler (to “free ethnic germans”), which is what he was referring to. Putins’ excuse for going into Ukraine is for "ethnic Russians.
I’d say very similar.


Why does everyone think if someone mentions Hitler, they’re talking about killing Jews?

As a matter of fact, Hitler invaded Poland and his excuse for that was to “protect ethnic germans”…can’t see that Putins’ excuse for going into Ukraine…to “protect ethnic Russians”…is absolutely comparable?.

Charles was correct.
He wasn’t talking about the holocaust.
He was talking about the military incursion.

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