Prince Harry and Meghan

Megan was raised RC got married and divorced now is marrying Prince
Harry whose grandmother is the head of the Church of England and Megan is being accepted into the C of E

How does this work
Get to start over?

Megan is not a practicing Catholic.
Not our religion.
Not our problem.

CoE is allowed to divorce and remarry (Henry VIII, anyone?)


I think I heard that she hasn’t been baptised though she was educated at a Catholic school.


Its against British law for the monarch to be Catholic. If Harry and Megan raised their offspring as Catholic, they’d probably scratch Harry from the line of succession.

She has never been Catholic. Please stop spreading this nonsense. Just because she went to a Catholic school for a few years does not make her Catholic. Many non-Catholics attend Catholic schools.


Absolutely true. I was reading a few years back that more than 3/4 of the students at several Pittsburgh Catholic grade schools are non Catholic

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As others have said, Meghan is not Catholic. She is allowed to marry Harry. Even if she was Catholic, she would be allowed to marry him and he wouldn’t lose his place in the line of succession.


Thanks appreciate the clarificTio

She’s not Catholic—she went to a Catholic school.


To be fair, that wouldn’t be representative of Catholic schools (whether in Pittsburgh or elsewhere)! However, there are areas in which parents tend to choose to send their children to private schools rather than the local public school district. In those cases, you might end up with a demographic of non-Catholics at a Catholic school who have chosen that school not because it’s Catholic but merely because it’s private… :wink:


There are some Catholic elementary and high schools that are academically very well respected, on the level of prep schools, and they likely have quite a few non-Catholic students who are there for the quality of the education. However, the ones I’m aware of also have a lot of Catholic alumni who send the next generation there, so they get their percentage of at least nominally Catholic students also.

The law of Christ applies to everyone, not only Catholics. If this young woman has once attempted marriage, she is not free to marry a prince or a king or the guy who works at the oil change shop until her first marriage is reviewed by a competent Tribunal. Sad that we just accept serial monogamy as a fact of life these days :frowning:


If there was ever a sign that monarchy is no more inherently respectable or dignified than any other system of government…

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The points about Catholicism and divorce are relevant, of course — or would be if Ms Markle were actually Catholic — but leaving those aside for a moment, Harry would lose his place in the line of succession were he to convert to Catholicism, but his place would not be affected by the denomination of his wife (Succession to the Crown Act 2003) or of his children.


Well since the original purpose of the C of E was to facilitate divorce, I don’t see what the problem is. At least from their perspective.

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Well, I would say it’s original purpose was to bring Christianity to the pagans of Albion, but no doubt we will differ on that. If you are referring to H VIII’s Great Matter, I think perhaps we might agree that what was to be facilitated was not divorce but annulment.


What pagans are you referring to?

Those who were present when the Romans (Christians among them) turned up.

However, the laws of marriage apply to every human on the planet, as does all moral law. Non-Catholics are not exempt from the natural law. They may be ignorant of the law, but, no free pass.

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