Prince Harry attacks 'racist' trolls in unprecedented statement on American girlfriend Meghan Markle


**Prince Harry attacks ‘racist’ trolls in unprecedented statement on American girlfriend Meghan Markle

Prince Harry has issued an unprecedented public statement about his new girlfriend Meghan Markle, raging against “racist and sexist” social media trolls and accusing the media of “crossing a line” in reporting their relationship.

The Prince, 32, warned the media and people commenting on Twitter and other sites that “this is not a game”.

While recognising that there is “significant curiosity about his private life” the Prince says that Miss Markle, 35, who has a black mother and a white father, has been “subject to a wave of abuse and harassment”.

The statement is the first official confirmation from Kensington Palace that the Prince is in a relationship with the American actress. It also says that the couple have been together for “a few months”.**


It’s very sad that people are still opposed to relationships between those of different races.


Couldn’t agree more, I cannot fathom the mindset of some folk in this day and age :frowning:


I agree with the Prince. I hope he has success in addressing the problem. It is troubling in todays age at the lengths the creepy press, media and others will go to stalk and attack individuals.


I agree with you guys. :frowning:


Especially since the new standard for beauty seems to be dark brown eyes, dark (but smooth) hair, and creamy skin. :shrug: Others attack the Brit royals for their inbreeding. :smiley: I think it is about time for them to get more diversity in their lineages.


AMEN to that!

Perhaps Prince Harry will drag them into the 21st century and provide them with a healthier gene pool :wink:


So racism against white people is ok? Nice.


Good grief! How can you possibly parse that post as racist?


:thumbsup: No reason for racism to continue in this day and age.


Where did anyone mention that?

People were talking against inbreeding. Surely, you are against that too.

Being against inbreeding does not equal racism against white people.


I sympathise with Prince Harry, he must care very much about her to have made this announcement.

Will he be making any future announcement’s I wonder? or is she the wrong religion?


Oh, my, gosh! I’m in agreement with something Vouthon and lmachine posted!

See, we can all get along. :smiley:


Does anyone know:

What is the current status in English law with regard to a close heir to the throne marrying?

Are there still restrictions?

Can he legally marry a non-British woman? What about religion?

Whether or not they will marry, I don’t pretend to know. I’m asking about the law itself, just out of curiosity.

Hint: don’t give answers from history. Those laws were recently changed, so unless one actually knows the answer, please don’t try.


Good for Prince Harry. Some of the things being written about his girlfriend and her family are just appalling. Definitely shows underlying racism still lurks in the UK. Also have to wonder if a little of it might be anti-Catholic since Markle was raised Catholic as well.


He is fifth in line in succession to the throne, so to retain that position he could certainly marry a non-British woman but if she was a practicing Roman Catholic I don’t think it would be permitted unless Parliament agreed to amend the rules.


Succession to the Crown Act 2013 -


The Succession to the Crown Act 2013 changed the situation, people do not lose their rights of succession by marrying Catholics. They would only lose those rights if they, themselves, became Catholic.


And clearly divorcees are no longer an issue looking at Charles and Camilla. So doubt Markle’s divorce in 2013 would be an issue either. The big issue is that she’s mixed race, and that’s something that apparently still offends some in the British establishment.


The Perth Agreement of October 2011 changed some of the restrictions for the marriages of Royals and for the line of succession (female children now have equal rights to male children).

Basically, the six next in line in terms of succession (which includes Prince Harry, after Prince Charles, Prince William and his two children) have to obtain permission of the reigning monarch if they wish to marry.

There is no problem with a future Royal bride being non-British - even the Queen’s husband is Greek and was originally baptised into the Orthodox faith. Being married to a Catholic would not now bar Prince Harry from becoming Monarch, if such an unlikely situation ever came about (there are four people already ahead of him in line, and Prince William and Princess Catherine may have more children who would then be ahead of Harry in line).

Catholics and those of other non-protestant faiths cannot become sovereign and the sovereign must be in communion with the CofE.

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