Prince of Wales calls for population control in developing world

The Prince of Wales has called for greater population control in the developing world and hailed the success of “family planning services” in some countries.

He said more needs to be done because of the “monumental” problems that face the environment as population numbers “rocket” and traditional societies become more consumerist. There needed to be more “honesty” about the fact the “cultural” pressures keep the global birth rate high.

The Prince also said the traditional religious views of the sanctity of life, which are often used to oppose the use of condoms and other contraceptives, must be balanced with the imperative to live within the limits of nature.

His comments, made in an important speech on Islam and the environment, will be seen as controversial within both the green lobby and some religious circles.

Although the heir to the throne is a long-standing champion of ecological causes and the benefits of faith, some believe that Western commentators do not have the right to tell residents of less wealthy nations that they should have fewer children or consume less in order to keep carbon emissions down. Many of the world’s great religions, meanwhile, oppose the widespread use of contraception.

First telling us to follow the ‘Islamic way’ to save the World, and now telling people in the developing world to stilt their populations with birth control, and (be spiritually in the dark). This man is unreal.

The overpopulation myth is one of the most heinous myths ever put on the human race, right now not only is the world not overpopulated it has the opposite problem, because all the fertility rates are falling dramatically, precisely cause of abortion and contraception which enters these cultures which changes their mentalities towards marriage and family, we don’t have any country in the world that is overpopulated, poor, yes, but poverty is not the cause of overpopulation, a lot of people blame overpopulation as the cause of poverty but in reality poverty is caused by corrupt governments, lack of correct distribution.

I find it offensive that a Western leader would even suggest that I, a Catholic, need to follow the “Islamic way”. Poverty and over population are only related if you belive that poverty has a genetic heredity basis to it. That is a racist viewpoint that many in the Secular Liberal movements hold and is the opposite of most major Religions of the world

There, fixed that for you. :wink:

Prince Charles appears to have as much acumen in matters environmental or spiritual as Martin Luther had in theology. :slight_smile:

You are absolutely correct. Russia is losing population at an alarming rate.

"Russia’s challenge is a double whammy. Like most of the developed world, birthrates have fallen far below levels that would sustain the population. At the same time, Russian death rates, particularly among working-age males, have skyrocketed due to post-Soviet poverty, substance abuse, disease, stress and other ills.

Russia’s population has fallen from 149 million a decade ago to just over 144 million today. Male life expectancy now stands at 59 years, with the average Russian woman living 72 years."

What this article doesn’t tell you is that Russian woman average 6 abortions, which of course is leading to the vast decline in population.…-a0204318265

And of course there is the problem in Europe.

"Many European women are putting off their first child in order to concentrate on their education or career. For this reason among others, an average woman bears just 1.5 babies, whereas at least two births are required to maintain “replacement fertility”. Consider, then, the prospect for Italy, with 57.2 million people today and an average family size of only 1.2 children, the latter being the lowest for any large country. Italy also features the second oldest population in the world after Japan, with a median age of just over 41 years, a phenomenon known as “greying” of the population. As a result, Italy is projected to have no more than 45 million people in 2050, with a disproportionate share of them being 65 years and over. The European country with the largest percentage decline anticipated is Russia, which may plunge by 2050 from 144 million people today to around 100 million. "

And speaking of Japan:

"Japan’s Internal Affairs Ministry published the latest numbers on the country’s declining population on Aug. 11. The data doesn’t make for pleasant reading. In the year through the end of March 2009, the number of births in Japan fell for the first time since 2006 to 1.08 million, while there were 1.13 million deaths. Put together, that adds up to a record decline in the population of 45,914. That bests (if that’s the right word) the previous biggest decline of 29,119 in 2007. Just as worrying, the number of Japanese 65 or older increased to a record 28.21 million out of total population of 127 million. Meanwhile, the current recession—Japan’s GDP may shrink 6% this year—will likely make things worse as couples decide to delay or have fewer children. "

We could go on and on. These elitists like Prince Charles who are constantly crying wolf about population control are always pointing to the third world countries, which is completely and totally racist. It goes back to the statement made by Justice Ruth Ginsberg: “Frankly, I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.”

I truly hope that people are not buying into this Satanic lie.

Far too many are indeed buying this whole save-the-planet lie.

I notice, however, that all of them are alive to complain about it.

And yes, it is “save the planet” and to hell with human beings. These are the people who see the human race as the enemy of the planet, with themselves being the exception of course. And these same people live in their multiple mansions, drive around in their jet planes and have a bigger “carbon footprint” than millions of these third-world people put together.

Hypocrites all. And without realizing it, pawns of the devil in his quest to destroy mankind.

It’s things like this which make me understand why the Queen has not abdicated in his favor…

God save the Queen!

Eugenics by any other name is still eugenics. he wants to lessen the number of black and brown children born into the world. guess that makes the Earth more liveable for us Whites.

Charles isn’t going to be king for too long luckily. Queen Elizabeth has sure got longevity.

Lets just hope his sons have a bit more developed sense of Christian values than he does.

Charlie is a bit bonkers anyway. He needs to stay up at Balmoral with that Camilla person and let William become next in line - though, of course he won’t.
The Windsers seem to have VERY long earthly lives - Princess Diana aside.

The guy just gets weirder and stranger by the hour, I’m sorry.

Princess Diana was not a member of the Windsors except by marriage, her family lineage is more closely related to the Stuart line through illegitimate offshoots of it who were granted titles several centuries ago


originally posted by JharekCarnelian
Princess Diana was not a member of the Windsors except by marriage

Yes. I know. I wasn’t being so literal. :wink:

I don’t know. I like Prince Harry though. All the guy wants to do is serve in Afghanistan :eek: I guess polo isn’t exciting enough for him.

Well Military Service in a war zone does tend to either make a man see what is importaint in life, or send him over the edge. I don’t know Harry well enough to say about him

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