'Princess Boy,' 5, Loves Wearing Dresses, Inspires Mom to Publish Anti-Bullying Book

"‘Princess Boy,’ 5, Loves Wearing Dresses, Inspires Mom to Publish Anti-Bullying Book

*“I look at myself in the mirror lately and I see this guy – in earrings, pillbox hat, veil, maybe a little choker of pearls – and I ask myself, ‘Would a sane man dress like this?’”

-Cpl. Klinger, “MASH”*

In the Army, dressing like a Disney princess might help you get a Section 8 discharge as a head case, but Cheryl Kilodavis is a lot less touchy about such things than the military. Her 5-year-old son dolls himself up in pretty pink dresses all the time.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

In fact, Kilodavis has put together an entire picture book, “My Princess Boy,” about how there’s nothing wrong with that."…

Entire article: parentdish.com/2011/01/03/princess-boy/?ncid=webmail

"The mom of a ‘princess boy’ speaks out

Rebecca Dube writes:Cheryl Kilodavis talked to TODAY this morning about her new book, “My Princess Boy,” inspired by her 5-year-old son Dyson’s love of pink, sparkly dresses."…

Entire article: moms.today.com/_news/2011/01/03/5738901-the-mom-of-a-princess-boy-speaks-out-?gt1=43001

I knew a 17 year old boy a couple of years ago, who at that time liked to dress up in a princess costume. The other teens in the group simply included him in their game in his role as “Princess.” He was and is completely heterosexual; he played rough games, including hockey, with the other boys; he had a girl friend at that time, and is going with a different girl, now. I only know him on FaceBook, now, so I don’t know whether he still dresses up as a princess (he’d be 20, now) - it wouldn’t surprise me, though.

It is a totally different world out there, now. :shrug:

I saw it on MSN…and its SICK:eek:!! Many would disagree and say that hes only being a kid and he will soon grow out of it…I doubt it.

If it was a 5 year old girl wanting to dress up as a prince, or Batman, or a football player, would that be OK?

Hundred years ago, women were seen as property and were under the “protection” of their male guardian…Women today are strong, independent, and can take care of themselves. Many would say that guns are for boys and that girls should just stick with playing with their dolls …A bunch a CR#P!!! I like guns, swords, and bow arrows…and guess what…I am a GIRL!!!

It would probably be considered “cute” – to a point. Which is why there’s a word in English for “tomboy,” but no exact equivalent for the opposite, except words that are politically incorrect or demeaning.

A little boy wearing dresses is sick and she’s letting her son get confused and he’ll probably end up with sexual orientation problems because of it. :mad:

A little girl 5, playing with the neighborhood boys in a “tomboy” thing is different than a kid cross dressing which is what this totally is. :eek:

I was a tomboy but I didn’t dress like a “boy” I enjoyed guns and such but the whole “princess thing” that’s just wrong and she’ll be held accountable for robbing her son of his masculinity.

My first reaction is that he’s 5, he’ll grow out of it. My own 5 year old son likes to paint his fingernails when his older sister paints hers. I treat it matter of factly, because I know as soon as his nail polish is dry, he’ll be back to racing (crashing) his match box cars or drawing pictures of robots. I don’t fight the nail polish, but I don’t make a big production out of it either. I admit to not watching the video, but I get the sense that this little boy’s mom is making a big production out of his interest in princess things. If he wanted to grow out of the princess phase, will he even get a chance to?

I am with you there! I, too, like guns and bows and arrows! I prefer sweat pants to skirts, and I prefer outside work to inside work. I am not a “girly girl”, and I don’t understand those who are. It just seems so…expensive and a waste of time to me. However, I have good friends who are “girly girls”, and I understand it makes them feel good and they like it.

I LIKE to mow lawn and blow snow; I hate scrubbing floors and cooking.
My sons love to cook, however, so I let them! :thumbsup:

Why is there a difference between what you did and what he’s doing? You say several times that “it’s just sick!” and “it’s just wrong!”, but that’s not an argument so much as a gut instinct – a gut instinct that seems to come from deeply ingrained social constructions of gender expression.

Now, I’m no radical feminist. I’m a conservative, faithful Catholic. I believe in sexual complementarity and, with John Paul II, that men and women express their human natures differently, and that this is a good thing. But I don’t think it’s fair, or reasonable, to let girls cross-dress and not boys.

I have thought about this quite a bit, and I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with cross-dressing. It often – in most cases, in fact – points to something else that’s gone wrong with a person’s sexuality, and it is tied up in a very toxic culture… but in and of itself I think it’s basically okay. Am I nuts for thinking that?

One of my now teen sons wanted his toe nails regularly painted when he was about 5, and I humored him. He grew out of it. He is definitely heterosexual!

I never cross dressed; they make girls pants and boys pants and I wore girls pants and stuff. Men in Scotland have had kilts but that’s different than a sparkly pink princess dress.

Crossdressing is wrong and what the mom is allowing her kid to do is wrong.

Who buys him these dresses and pink stuff to put on a play with? I bet you it’s not the kid…

This sounds like Angelina Jolie who decided her 2-year-old daughter was a boy and now won’t let her be anything else. Some people go way too far with this stuff. Being the progressive, tolerant, politcally correct mom is a badge of honor for some.

Please explain what you mean by girls cross dressing. Are you referring to the fact that girls wear pants? Jesus wore a robe/gown…he never wore pants…Over the centuries men’s trousers turned into pants…it was accepted over the centuries has a man’s attire. Just because a girl wears pants DOESN’T mean that she is gay or trying to become a boy!! I always wear shorts or pants…My favorite is my army/Cargo pants…it has pockets on the sides…LOVE IT!!

This kid is obviously also not trying to be a girl. He plays just like all the other boys - but he insists on wearing a princess outfit, just as so many kids his age insist on wearing costumes of some kind. Most of the time it’s Bat Man, or some kind of fierce animal, but in his case, it happens to be a princess. Who can say what he is thinking? It’s not like he is putting on little tea parties, or playing with dolls - he just likes the outfit. :shrug:

I watched the video on MSN earlier and it looked like he was wearing lip gloss!!!

It is wrong to call a 5 year old sick for having an unusual imagination. Let us say, though, that the boy truly had a certifiable mental illness that caused him to act in an odd manner that his parents would not correct. That would still be no excuse to bully the child about it.

There is a win-win here, and that is teaching our kids that nothing another child can do could ever be used as an excuse to bully or torment them. There are ways for one child to let another child know that he’s violating social norms. There are ways to decide when to tolerate differences and when to talk about them. Bullying is never one of them. Naming-calling and knee-jerk pop-psych diagnoses aren’t, either. On the moral spectrum, toleration of children who exhibit behaviors the other kids find odd or somewhat disconcerting is much to be preferred.

Besides: Are we ever too young to learn to mind our own business?

Yes, there is a chance he could grow up to be another Dennis Rodman. Should he grow up remembering that the other kids at school were allowed to abuse him for it, that their parents even did it? I should think not. I don’t see how that can be reconciled with charity.

My BIL wore eye liner and mascara IN HIGH SCHOOL. He is now a bulked police officer - heterosexual.

Outer appearances do not necessarily mean anything more than it is fun to wear something, or in some cases, it is done to get a reaction.

How is this so different from those who pierce ears (boys and girls), dye hair, get piercings in eye brows, noses, lips, tongues, tragus, etc., get tattoos, and so on?

Use to be only sailors had tattoos. Now it is very common, and accepted, for the suburban mom to have a tattoo. Says nothing about their sexuality! It is just an expression of their personality or art, or done for personal reasons.

It is done for “a look” or, in some cases, for a reaction. Says very little about their sexuality.

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