Princeton Theological Seminary: good for non-Catholics?


Does anyone here know anything about Princeton Theological Seminary? I am thinking about going to grad school to study Theology, with a particular interest in religion and culture. I applied for Fall 2011 to six different schools, and ended up getting into three: Franciscan University of Steubenville, Catholic University of America, and Princeton Theological Seminary. My number one choice is CUA, followed by Franciscan, then PTS. I didn’t receive any grant money from CUA or Franciscan, however; just federal loans, and with tuition at CUA at about $35k a year and Franciscan at $20k, I’m not sure I can afford to go to either school. I did receive about $9000 per year from PTS, and their tuition is surprisingly low ($11k a year; I read that they have a sizeable endowment fund.) This has made it an attractive option—not to mention the cachet of saying I went to Princeton—but I have my reservations about studying theology at a non-Catholic university. Any information about the school would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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