Principality , power and virtue

Hey all , in the st michaels chaplet , power , virtue and several other ranks are invoked . In the bible , are power and virtue only references to good angels?

I was reading the divine office today , the second reading is by Origen on prayer and he says , “ and he will sit there until all his enemies who are within us become his footstool , and every principality , power and virtue in us is cast out’” .

The context is that sin cannot reign in our mortal body for God to be in it.

I believe they can be good and bad.

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God is present within everyone by power and essence in a mere natural order. His friends, those who he foreknows will persevere to the end, are regenerated as chosen souls. They adhere to the supernatural society, the Catholic Church. Surely, with them he is present by grace.

“I am He Who in an instant can so elevate the minds of the humble that they can grasp the reasons for eternal truth more perfectly than others who, lacking humility, have studied ten years in school. For I teach without the sound of words, without conflict of opinions, without striving for honor and without obstinate arguments. I teach you to despise earthly things, to weary of the things of this present life, to look and to long for what is eternal, to shun honors, to bear injuries patiently, to place complete confidence in Me and , above all, to love Me with all your heart.” (Imitation of Christ; 3, 43, 3)

I dont quite get what your reply is refering to .

It does not refer, but rather it confers to the mystery that we all share as the Body of Christ. Praise be the Lord Jesus Christ. His dominion is ever peaceful. He is our Head!

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