Print jiggles off iPhone screen when another new post registers

For the past three days or so it’s been almost impossible to read a thread because every few seconds my iPhone screen jiggles, then shoves the post that I was reading out of sight, off my screen. I must backtrack by scrolling, find the correct post, and, often, before I can even find my place in order to resume reading, it jiggles again, and I’m back to Square One.

I’m guessing that it occurs every time a new post is sent. It frequently happens before I can find the post that I was reading. It’s occurred on every forum in which I’ve tried to read.


That sounds frustrating! I have trouble with the news ads they are running now.
Sometimes I have difficulty scrolling up and down if I am looking for a particular
post. My screen freezes.

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This used to happen a LOT prior to Jan ‘13, when I was using an actual computer, but what I was reading didn’t often totally disappear from that large screen, as it’s doing now. In the five years since, I read here very little until a couple of years ago.

I use a Kindle to access CAF. However, there seem to be several complaints from
time to time from those who use their phones.

If it keeps up contact the webmaster maybe. Do you know how to do that

Yes, I will contact them if the problem isn’t remedied within a day or two. I think they check this particular forum, periodically, though.

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I have seen this on Android too, but seems OK at the moment.

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I’ve fairly well given up even trying to read most of the threads, if they have more than a few posts, except during low website traffic.

The android issue seems resolved.

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