Print Size Question? RSV-2CE vs. St. Benedict Press


Does anyone own both an Ignatius RSV-2CE a regular print size St. Benedict Press bible? If so how do the print sizes compare? None of my local stores carry both copies for comparison.

I own the Ignatius RSV-2CE and love it, but I’m wanting to move to the DR. I wasn’t satisfied with the Baronius Press edition. The bible felt too much like an antique, something I needed to baby, rather than a book that I wanted to carry every day.

Thanks in advance.


No I don’t have these bibles.



I have a soft cover paperback St Benedict bible and it’s a good bible for transporting around. I had picked up an Ignatius NRSV study bible with commentary from Scott Hahn. Even though it’s only the New Testament books, it’s a lot more bulky than the St Benedict one I have. The print is huge if someone needs that though and the extra biblical commentary is better. If you’re looking for a bible top carry around a lot. I personally would get a softcover paperback.


I don’t think there’s much different in print size between the Ignatius 2CE and the SBP RSV. Wish you would’ve asked last week, as I was at a Catholic bookstore on Friday and could’ve done a side-by-side. Will be a month or so until I’m back there.


I have the St. Benedict Press Large Print D-R with the synthetic leather cover and it is very nice. The font size on the Ignatius Press RSV-2CE is about 9, where as the St. Benedict Large Print Bible is about 11. I don’t have the regular print size, but it is probably similar to the Ignatius press Bible.


I own both.

Pictures attached.




I would say that the font size in the St. Benedict Press DR Bible is a bit smaller. It does not appear that way because the camera was a bit closer in the picture.



Thanks those pics help a lot. I was trying to decide between the standard print and the large print St. Benedict Press Douay-Rhimes in the ultrasoft cover.


If you want a Bible that you can carry around everywhere and are OK with the RSV-CE then consider the zippered thinline RSV-CE from Oxford University Press. One of the things I like is that it has no footnotes or essays, nothing to get in the way of God’s word. It’s just the Bible in a beautiful package, and the pages never get frayed.

You can get it for about $20 on the street.



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