Printing out images for private personal devotion


Just as the subject title reads.

This is perhaps a bit scrupulous on my part, but I was curious as to the morality of printing individual images of icons and the like for personal private devotion, not for profit.

Would that be depriving someone of a just wage in the process, or am I overthinking this?


That depends on where the pictures in question come from, and what permissions the owner has given. Always check with the owner.


A lot of images of old works are now public domain (and the artists are long gone.). You could stick to those.



If cost is the issue, purchase an icon calendar, you get twelve usually stunning full color icons you can frame. Here is one that is just $10

Icons in the link below can be purchased simply laminated, starting at around $5, you can frame them as you collect frames later.


I do not see how this would be sinful. Even under our copyright laws, the printing out of a holy icon for private veneration would almost certainly be considered a “fair use.”

By contrast, printing 500 of them, mounting them on boards, and then selling them for profit on your website would probably cross the line.

Many Eastern Catholics and Orthodox will save icons that come printed inside of Sunday church bulletins for exactly the same use as you describe.


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